Key Values

Building Education Programme

Our pupil, our employee

The objective of the Building Education Programme "Our Pupil, Our Employee" was direct cooperation with selected vocational schools which, using their permanent and tested teaching resources, prepared building apprentices to be able to take up work on our building sites.

Under the project Warbud SA offered a support package for the schools. We offered pupils scholarships, the value of which was dependent on their learning achievements and attendance at school lessons and practical training. The company helped pay for teaching and practical equipment for schools and for training for vocational teachers. After finishing their courses, graduates of the schools were able to gain work experience on Warbud building projects.

The project "Our Pupil. Our Employee" secured our staffing demand and made it easier to young people to start their professional careers.

Involved in our Building Education Programme were vocational schools in Radom and Elbląg. In 2006 first classes were created in both schools for carpenters and formwork systems assemblers, in 2007 in Elbląg a class of steel fixers and concrete placers was set up. 

Pupils took part in practical vocational courses in Practical Education Centres. For the purposes of carpenter - formwork assembler classes carpentry workshops were set up. They were equipped by Warbud with tools and materials for practical work.

At least 2 times a year students and their teachers took study tours to chosen building sites where they could in practice confront their theoretical knowledge with its actual application in the work on construction sites.

The programme "Our Pupil. Our Employee" was implemented in the years 2006-2013.

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