Bypass Road of Jarosław along National Road No. 4 Jędrzychowice - Korczowa
  • Client: GDDKiA Rzeszow
  • Scope of work: Partial works
  • Voivodship: Podkarpackie
  • Contract duration: II/2010 - IX/2012

Warbud built the following structures under the project: WD-1 - a single-span viaduct, WD-2 - a three-span viaduct, WD-3 - a single-span viaduct, W1 - a single-span viaduct, W2 - a six-span viaduct, M1 and M2 - two single-span bridges with length of 24.5 m each, M1 - a three-span bridge with length of 30.5 m, 4 passages for agriculture roads with arch strucutres.

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