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Another award for Warbud's WWTP 'Czajka' project in the 'Safe Site' contest.
State Labour Inspectorate has awarded safe construction sites in the area of the Mazowsze region. Warsaw’s 'Czajka’ Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is being built by Warbud, was ranked second in the contest. There were five projects in this year’s edition of the 'Safe Site’ contest.

The award ceremony was held on February 10 in the headquarters of the Regional Labour Inspectorate in Warsaw. The statuette for Warbud’s Management Board was received by Mr Leszek Żelaśkiewicz, Director of Warbud SA Technical Office, the Site Management was represented by Mr Piotr Kaczmarek. Some of the criteria used by the State Labour Inspectorate in order to evaluate the particular candidate projects encompass the quality of the occupational safety and health plan for the project and its implementation, site organization and the observance of OHS regulations.

The prize is even more valuable as Czajka WWTP is the largest construction site in Warbud's history - considering the value of the contract, the site area and the number of people working there. Observance of high safety standards by our workers and subcontractors constitutes a real challenge for site managers and OSH services.

It is worth pointing out that that ‘Czajka’ was also ranked second in last year's edition of the contest. The award ceremony was held on 19th January 2010 during BUDMA 2010 construction fair in Poznań.

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