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April 28 - International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured

A fatal accident at work is a tragedy which always raises the question: how did that happen? We must remember accident Victims but also analyse accident causes in detail and draw conclusions from those events. Thanks to that, we will save many lives.
According to the European Statistical Office, in just 10 years Poland, which had previously been the country with the highest number of fatalities on construction sites - 21.49 for each 100 thousand people employed - entered the group of European countries with the lowest rate of the most serious accidents - with the rate of 5.18. It would not have been possible without the consistent, joint and hard work of all the companies forming the Agreement on Construction Safety.

Striving to achieve the goal of ZERO fatal accidents, the signatories of the Agreement organize #SafetyWeek on all their construction sites. The motto of this year's 9th edition, scheduled for May 23-29, is “The project ends but safety never ends.”

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