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Construction work in the Wołomin hospital is finished

Final preparations are underway in Wołomin near Warsaw for the opening of a new wing of the Hospital of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. ‘There is already a permit in place to operate building B with a connector,’ said Marcin Papiernik, Contract Manager at Warbud SA. The facility contains the following functions: Primary Health Care, Specialist Clinic, including a comfortable Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic with a separate exit. There are also spacious rooms for the sick and healthy children centre, a Rehabilitation Department and hospital administration.

According to the construction contract concluded on 10 November 2020, Warbud’s staff were also responsible for the construction of the three-storey building A as a "closed-in shell". The design of the hospital was developed by AB-Projekt studio from Krakow. The overall area of the two buildings (A and B) is 13,082.88 m2 and their volume is 50,556.29 m3.

‘Despite the difficult conditions related to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we have managed to complete the construction project ahead of schedule,’ emphasized M. Papiernik. ‘Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank and congratulate the entire team and decision-makers on their activity and commitment, because it is our common achievement. In two years we have built not only a hospital, but also a sense of security and comfort of living for the inhabitants of Wołomin and the surrounding area.’

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