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FORBES ranking - Warbud in the forefront of construction companies among Poland’s best employers

According to the "List of 300 Best Polish Employers" published by Forbes, Warbud was ranked 75th in the general classification ahead of many well-known and respected brands. In the "Construction" category (including general contractors and producers of building materials), Warbud took 4th place. Considering only general contractors - the company was ranked 3rd, right after Budimex and Unibep.

The question "Who is the best employer in Poland?" was sent to over 10,000 professionally active employees who issued 160 thousand individual assessments. In an anonymous survey, they assessed their employers which allowed the assessors to examine the actual quality of the jobs offered and not the employer branding campaigns carried out. Companies were not able to influence the ratings obtained in the ranking. It was also not possible to declare participation by ordering a paid audit service. This guaranteed complete independence of the survey results.

What was the basis for the result?

The basis for granting the award was, among others, direct recommendation, that is employees’ willingness to recommend their employer. Respondents completed an online questionnaire indicating the likelihood with which they would recommend their employer to a friend or family member on a scale of 0 to 10.

In addition to that, respondents rated their employers in seven main areas: Image and growth, Development and prospects, Relationship between employees and management, Wages, Working conditions and equipment, Sustainable development and Workload.

‘I am most pleased with the fact that the ranking was based on employees’ independent assessments, which means that their opinions are credible in the context of job satisfaction, sense of security and appreciation of all management and HR activities supporting the development and sense of employee satisfaction. I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the survey,’ commented Ms. Małgorzata Kowalczyk, Director of Human Resources Division at Warbud S.A.

The content partner of the ranking is Statista, co-creator of the most famous "Best Employers" rankings in the world. The survey lasted from September to October 2020 and was based on a list of approximately 1,800 employers with at least 250 employees prepared by the Statista team. From the list 300 best comanies were selected which we then included in the Forbes ranking.

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