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Foundation stone laid for infectious disease wards of hospital in Szczecin
On October 18, 2021, the cornerstone was ceremonially laid for new infectious disease wards of the provincial hospital in Szczecin. The event closes the completion of the preliminary works and the start of actual construction works.

The ceremony of signing and laying the Foundation Act was held at the construction site of the SPWSZ Hospital in Szczecin in the presence of state and local authorities, local communities and invited guests. The Act was signed by Zbigniew Bogucki - West Pomerania Voivode, Olgierd Geblewicz - Marshal of the West Pomerania Voivodeship, Lech Wąsowski - Director of Warbud SA’s Centre Region, Małgorzata Usielska - Director of the Provincial Hospital in Szczecin.

"For the memory of future generations ... 76 years after the time when, just after the war, in the destroyed city, at Arkońska Street, a place was created where every sick person in need could receive help.” It is a fragment of the text of the foundation act which was embedded in the foundations of the modern building. It will house infectious disease wards and clinics for adults and children, and a helipad on the roof.

Foundations of a modern ward have already been built on the construction site. In two years’ time in this place patients will be admitted at two independent emergency department admission points - for children and adults.
The new facility will house specialist clinics, a children's observation and infectious disease ward, and an infectious disease ward for adults. There will also be training rooms for students. The building was designed in a way allowing for a safe treatment of patients with infectious diseases - there will be appropriate personnel circulation solutions, locks, isolation rooms and decontamination rooms. A connector with the Imaging Diagnostics Centre will also be built.

Lech Wasowski, Director of Centre Region, declared that Warbud would do everything to complete the project ahead of schedule. ‘Construction of hospital infrastructure has become one of our special areas of interest. It is already the 36th hospital built by our company,’ said Mr. Wąsowski during the ceremony.

It should be noted that in the period 2018-2020 Warbud was also the contractor for the Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Ward building, Dialysis Station, Neurology Ward with the Stroke Sub-Department, along with the construction of a circulation connector and landscaping works.
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