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Hospital opening in Wadowice

The expansion of the hospital in Wadowice, which lasted over a year, has been completed. The facility has been expanded with two additional floors in pavilion "E" where additional medical services are provided. The new rooms were presented to the guests who came to the opening ceremony - Hospital Director Ms. Barbara Bulanowska and Head of Wadowice County Mr. Eugeniusz Kurdas.

The ceremony took place on December 4, 2023, and was attended by Marshal of the Małopolska Voivodeship Mr. Witold Kozłowski and Vice-Marshal Mr. Łukasz Smółka, representatives of the Management Board and Council of the Wadowice County, Voivodes and Mayors of communes of the Wadowice County, MP Filip Kaczyński, Deputy Director of the Health Department at the Małopolska Voivodeship Office Mr. Tomasz Ocetkiewicz as well as directors of neighbouring hospitals. Warbud was represented by Mr. Damian Kamiński, Deputy Director in the South Branch and Mr. Rafał Adamczak, Site Manager.

Warbud's staff started the work on Pavilion E extension by two floors in June last year. The project also involves the supply of the necessary equipment.  The work lasted more than a year in an active hospital building. The existing Pavilion E with a volume of 28000 m³ was extended by nearly 11 000 m³.

Rafał Adamczak responsible for the construction project reports its progress: ‘This contract required a lot of commitment and an unconventional approach of both the team working on submitting the tender bid and the staff directly involved in project execution. Despite many problems generated by working in an active facility where before starting the main works related to the superstructure - it was necessary to remove the existing roof, install temporary protective roofing and reconnect the installations as well as carry out a number of demolition works - we completed all the works within the contractually agreed deadline. This was certainly made easier by good and close cooperation with the Client at every stage of the project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in winning the contract, preparing the construction methods and the entire site team!’

The 6th floor of the hospital will house Rapid Diagnostics and Short-Term Therapy Centre. It will consist of diagnostic laboratories and a One-Day Surgery Department. One-day procedures in otolaryngology and ophthalmology will be performed in two new operating rooms. Within the Endoscopy Department, three laboratories were opened: gastroscopy, colonoscopy and cystoscopy. The center also has a Cardiology Diagnostics Laboratory.  On the 7th floor there are two Internal Medicine Departments which until recently were located in different parts of the hospital. This arrangement improves the organization of the hospital and enables the development of services in the geriatrics department. In addition to that, starting in the beginning of next year, in the emptied space on the ground floor of the hospital, day and stationary rehabilitation departments will be opened. They will allow for a comprehensive treatment of patients after traumatic and orthopaedic procedures. The new investment significantly increases the availability of diagnostic tests and short-term treatment procedures for residents of the Wadowice County and the neighbouring counties.

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