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News from Opole Transfer Hub construction site

Opole city centre. Construction of a facility combining the functions of a long-distance bus station, a transfer hub to city transport and a three-level car park is nearing completion. ‘It is quite a difficult project from the engineering point of view,’ says Jakub Woźniak, Contract Manager at Warbud SA. ‘We have to handle a complicated reinforced concrete structure, a multitude of collisions and remains of the old infrastructure and design discrepancies. We have had quite a few unforeseen challenges along the way. The Transfer Hub was designed as a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure with hollow-core slabs. It supports floors with an epoxy resin coat. It was a real challenge for us to transport and assemble over 60 columns with length of 18 m, over 250 perimeter beams and 1,500 hollow-core slabs.’

There will be 8 bus bays in the basement of the facility and 355 parking spaces for passenger cars on the upper floors, including 8 charging points for electric vehicles. The ground floor is a zone for travellers, with ticket offices, a waiting room, toilets and retail points. In addition to it, an administrative and technical part will be built here. On the fourth floor there will be a restaurant. From the adjoining 250-metre-long terrace, we will see the neighbouring Opole Main Railway Station. ‘The hallmark of the building will certainly be its original heterogeneous façade which combines ceramic elements with expanded mesh casing and a living façade. There will be a thousand plants on special panels and the element will be a strong spatial accent. It will add lightness and a modern look to the building,’ emphasizes J. Woźniak. ‘Just like the green inverted roof with an area of 3500 m2, the vast majority of which will also be covered with greenery. Even casings of technical platforms will be made as living vertical gardens.’ The surroundings of the station will also change with the new building. 1-go Maja, Kołłątaja and Armii Krajowej streets will have new structures and surfaces. There will also be a connector, 6 bus bays and a comfortable bicycle and walking infrastructure. When? The project will be completed in August 2022.

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