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Our aim is to build safely
On March 21 a meeting was held at the Presidential Office of the seven Agreement for Safety member companies. Warbud was represented by Mr Jerzy Werle, the firm's Director General.

Let us recall that the underlying idea for the agreement is the cooperation of the largest building contractors aimed at the reduction of fatal accidents on construction sites, reduction of accident rates, exchange of best practices and first of all exerting influence on subcontractors, among whom accident rates are the highest.

During the meeting at the Presidential office the Secretary of State, Mr Olgierd Dziekoński declared President's full support of the activities aiming at improving safety standards in the building industry.

The result of the meeting of the firms Warbud, Bilfinger - Berger, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Polimex Mostostal, Skanska, Mostostal and the Main Labour Inspector, President of the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians, President of the Polish Accociation of Building Industry Employers and the Chairman of the “Budowlani” Trade Union was the Declaration on Safety in the Building Industry. It consists of two documents created in the course of the to-date work which are aimed at the improvement of safety standards on construction sites, namely the  ‘Minimum requirements for subcontractors – contract provisions’ and ‘Minimum requirements for subcontractors – training and additional qualifications.’
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