Warbud News

Photo report from hospital construction site in Wołomin

Warbud is expanding the Hospital of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Wołomin near Warsaw. The works include the construction of the necessary technical infrastructure.

‘We started the works in January 2021. Today the building has a closed-in shell, finishing works in building B are underway and we plan to complete the project before the contractual deadline. I believe that despite the perturbations on the construction market, we will be able to do it,’ emphasizes Marcin Papiernik, Contract Manager at Warbud SA.  ‘Our job includes two main buildings, an underground tunnel connecting the facilities and a free-standing transformer station. This is a total of 12,934 m² of work area.’ In the three-storey building A there will be a future Emergency Room with modern equipment, an operating theatre with 4 rooms, an ICU, an imaging and endoscopic diagnostic facility and a Central Sterilization Facility. We will build that building and hand it over as a closed shell together with the facade. Building B with an outpatient clinic, a rehabilitation clinic and a commercial and administrative part is to handed over as a "turnkey" structure.  ‘We are now conducting advanced finishing works in that space,’ continues M. Papiernik. ‘It is the time of installing plasterboard walls, a passenger lift, and fitting sanitary and electrical systems. We are currently preparing the commencement of facade works.’

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