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Płock Aquapark is on its final stretch

The construction project which began less than two years ago, is nearing completion. A significant part of the sports and recreation centre with an area of almost 10,000 square meters is almost complete. The sports and recreational swimming pools have been filled with water. The water attractions zone offers slides, water attractions and a modern SPA with salt and ice caves, saunas and hot tubs.

Tomasz Sierzputowski, Warbud SA site manager, summarizes the work progress: ‘The structure and space arrangements have already been completed. The building systems are operational. Utility networks, including the pool water system, operate flawlessly. This is important because we have 4 km of pipelines installed in the facility which make 12 independent closed water circuits with an ultrafiltration system, carbon-sand filters, a water treatment system, an electrolyser, a PH corrector, a softener and, finally, UV lights which neutralize microorganisms.’ In order to meet the strict requirements of the City of Płock regarding the facility's demand for electricity, gas and process heat, the facility was equipped with five independent sources of electricity.

‘Our cooperation with the Płock City Hall is exemplary. The decision-making process and quick acceptance of proposed materials and solutions allowed us to build and equip the facility within the agreed deadline,’ underlines Marcin Krzykwa, Contract Manager. ‘The owner of the facility will now commission the building, appoint a manager and then open it.’ However, the partnership between Warbud SA and the City of Płock does not end there. ‘I would rather say that it is entering a new stage. The contract is being implemented in the particularly demanding "design, build, finance and managed" formula, which means that for the next 20 years VINCI Facilities Polska, associated with Warbud, will provide technical maintenance services for the building.’

Therefore, both from the perspective of construction and the future management phase, BIM and digital inventory turned out to be a great choice for the Płock project. Thanks to them, the construction team quickly eliminated dozens of potential collisions which are easy to cause with such a high number of installations, details and coordinated solutions. Ultimately, a beautiful facility was created, finished to a high technical, functional and visual standard, whose decor is both modern and timeless.

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