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Płock Sports and Recreation Centre is taking shape

During the summer holidays we visit Płock and the construction site of the Sports and Recreation Centre. We are building here a facility under a public-private partnership project where the private partner is the company Warbud PPP4 and Warbud SA is responsible for general contracting.

We ask Mr Marcin Krzykwa, Contract Manager for a quick overview of the facility. ‘The main features of this contract are the 20-year operation period for which our sister company Vinci Facilities Polska are responsible, as well as the chosen design method,’ says Mr. Krzykwa. ‘The project lifecycle runs parallel in the BIM environment, which reflects the progress of actual work directly in a 3D model.’

‘BIM technology has been accompanying the project from the very beginning, from the concept phase. We have used it for design coordination of the structure and architecture, to find potential collisions of intertwining water treatment systems in the pool basin, but also to verify variants of slide geometry, choose starting levels, check bills of quantities, materials or in communication with the Investor,’ explains Jakub Kulig, head of Warbud SA’s BIM Team. ‘The generated panoramas and renderings help to visualise the interior and choose colors for the elements. Thanks to the model, we keep track of the progress of work and the baseline project plan. The final product will be a BIM 7D model (as-built model) containing a complete set of information and geometric data necessary for the proper management of the facility at the operational stage.’

The building consists of two above-ground storeys. It has a partial basement and form is emphasized by a 24-metre tower and a multi-level complex of 4 slides with one of the few extreme waterslides in Poland with a trapdoor, wave generator or the so-called wet bubble (climbing hill) and outdoor and indoor water playground for children.

‘The very time-consuming and technically complicated element is the basement, in which there are supporting structures for individual pool basins. Now we are building the floor slab above the basement (the pool beach slab) and some the vertical elements, i.e. columns and walls of the swimming pool area. Foundation works are also underway on the part without a basement,’ reports Jan Zdziarski, site manager.

‘The pool basin will be made of stainless steel, which is more durable and less problematic in operation. The operation of the facility is the "clue" of many solutions chosen,’ explains Marcin Krzykwa. ‘In order to guarantee a low utilities consumption limit for the next two decades, which is extremely complicated for such an energy-consuming facility, the facility will use, among others, swimming pool pumps with heat recovery, cogenerators generating electricity and heat from gas, heat and water recovery station from the pool filters washing process, photovoltaic panels and a heat recovery station for wastewater from the showers. Therefore we have an immense number of various systems.’

The facility is functionally divided into 4 zones: water zone, saunas and relaxation, service and commercial zone as well as a technical zone. It will provide users with comfort and numerous attractions. Inside there will be a six-lane sports pool with dimensions of 25m x 16m (water surface area 400 m2), a recreational pool with a water surface area of 600 m2, a four-lane swimming pool (10m x 15m) and a jacuzzi for 12 people. For the youngest users there will be a paddling pool and a playground on the swimming pool beach, spread over an area of more than 160 m2. In addition to that, outside the building there will be a summer (seasonal) water playground with an area of 200 m2. The SPA zone will feature three additional brine jacuzzi bathtubs and, among others, two Finnish saunas, a steam room, an infrared sauna and an ice cave.

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