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Podkarpackie Science Centre ‘Łukasiewicz’ wins the ‘Build Safely’ award

On November 9, 2022, in the headquarters of the District Labour Inspectorate in Rzeszów, prizes were awarded in the competition "Build Safely". The Jury appreciated the work of Warbud SA staff by awarding the first place to the project named Podkarpackie Science Centre ‘Łukasiewicz’ in Jasionka.

The award was collected on behalf of the construction team by Mr. Maciej Kurowski, Site Manager.

‘We competed for the title with six other construction projects executed in the Subcarpathia region,’ said M. Kurowski. ‘We are very happy. For us - both for the staff and the production team, as well as for Mr. Paweł Kiwak, Contract Manager - it is an appreciation of our efforts, confirmation of our commitment to care for occupational health and safety on the construction site at every level and stage of project execution. The facility was not a simple one at all. The specific structure reflecting the idea of the facility, its shape - generated a lot of works, for example working at heights. Here I will bow to our Investor, designer, contractors and associates, i.e. Sweco - without their valuable comments in the field of health and safety, this success would probably be more difficult to achieve.’


Information about the building:

Podkarpackie Science Centre ‘Łukasiewicz’ is one of the most anticipated development projects in the region. The facility is supposed to be the local ‘Copernicus’ SC and present issues related to science in a modern, innovative form. The centre was built by a Warbud S.A. team in Jasionka near Rzeszów. Construction work began in summer 2020 and was completed in June 2022. The shape of the building refers to the surroundings and is inspired by the shapes of an airship, DNA helix and orbit. Structurally it reaches 19.5 m in height. The building has four floors, including one underground floor. The Krakow-based Pracownia Projektowa F-11 is responsible for the design of the Centre. The total area of the Podkarpackie Science Centre is almost 7.5 thousand square metres and the volume reaches 40,000 cubic metres. Over 3,000 sq. m. are reserved for exhibition space and interactive exhibitions. Around the facility there is a parking lot for 125 cars, 6 coaches and several dozen bicycles.

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