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Skyliner II – work progressing as planned
Work on the construction site of Skyliner II - the second phase of an office complex owned by Karimpol Polska - is progressing dynamically at Daszyńskiego Roundabout in Warsaw. Since February this year a team of engineers and builders have been working intensively to create solid foundations for the future skyscraper. The main contractor for the development project - the company WARBUD SA - is responsible for all the works.
At present Skyliner II structure is descending towards the bottom slab and will soon start climbing safely upwards. Advanced construction technologies allowed the contractor to build 33-metre deep diaphragm walls and install 59 reinforced concrete barettes reaching up to 38 meters into the soil. These impressive deep foundation elements, along with 42 temporary steel columns, are vital for supporting the strutting floors and building the foundation slab of the entire facility. Bottom slab thickness ranges from 1.9 metres to almost 5 metres, which proves the extraordinary solidity and durability of the structure. 
‘Skyliner II is a project which requires not only technical knowledge but also exceptional precision and thorough planning because of the already operating first phase of the project - Skyliner I - and the surrounding buildings. However, we are perfectly prepared to work in these conditions. We are satisfied with the current pace of work and the high safety level on the construction site,’ emphasizes Szymon Zduńczyk, Member of the Management Board and Managing Director at Karimpol Polska. 
At present the excavation work is being carried out to the level of -7.5 m. The work is extremely demanding as it is necessary to break through layers of fills, clay and sand. The next phase is the construction of a strutting floor which will allow the company to perform further work at a depth of 13 meters, ultimately reaching a depth of 22 meters. 
‘Even though Skyliner II tower is lower than its predecessor, its construction is much more complicated. The surrounding buildings and the existing road system are a real challenge for site logistics. We only have one access road to the construction site and setting up site facilities requires a lot of skill on our part. The only cranes which can work in such conditions are those with tilting jibs, equipped with a system preventing collisions with the  neighbouring buildings. An exceptional challenge will be the top part of the building and the double-height technical floors topped with 15-metre sloping attic walls,’ says Piotr Pikuła, Director of the Skyliner II Contract at Warbud SA.
Skyliner II is scheduled for completion at the end of 2026. The second tower will be 130 metres high, it will have 28 floors and 24,000 sqm. of space for rent. Most of the usable space – 23,000 sqm. – will be used as offices. The standard area of an office floor will be approximately 1,300 sqm.  Commercial units on the ground floor of the building will occupy nearly 1,000 sqm. Terraces-gardens with an overall area of nearly 900 square metres will be created on the top floors of the building. They will be connected by external stairs. The terraces will also be served by an elevator. There will be a total of 10 elevators in the entire facility - 7 main devices, 2 serving the garage and 1 for fire brigade. Both Karimpol Group skyscrapers will be connected by a common podium. In total it will have an area of 4,500 sqm. and will be used for commercial events which will be available to both tenants and local residents. The new tower will provide motorists with a 5-storey underground parking lot for 217 cars and 100 bicycles. Karimpol Polska will apply for a BREEAM certificate at the Outstanding level and – as in the first stage – plans to power the building from renewable energy sources.
The architectural design was developed by APA Wojciechowski Architekci team. Hill International supports the Investor in the implementation of the second phase of the Skyliner as Investor's project manager. CBRE acts as the exclusive agent for the commercialization of Skyliner II space.

Photograph: Karimpol Poland, R. Koperkiewicz.

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