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VINCI Construction Polska takes part in Polish Construction Industry Road Cycling Championships

VINCI Construction Polska takes part in Polish Construction Industry Road Cycling Championships

On Saturday, 18 May 2024, representatives of Warbud and Eurovia, gathered under the common name of VINCI Construction Polska, took part in the Polish Construction Industry Road Cycling Championships which were organized in the Niepołomice commune. The race, which was at a very high sports level, started at 10.00 in Podłęże. The route ran through the streets of the town and then into the Niepołomice Forest. The men raced over a distance of 85 km and the women covered a distance of 50 km.

The participants gave their best and the emotions accompanying this event were something indescribable and definitely something to experience! Our families and friends came to cheer our players on and encouraged them to fight!

The following players took part in the race in Warbud SA colours: Damian Kamiński, Adrian Wrzos, Krzysztof Balawajder, Tomasz Siejka and Michał Leśniara. Together they cycled several hundred kilometres to support the daily fight for the health of the big and small patients of the Piotr Maj Family Foundation and Oncology Department of the Krakow University Hospital. Another person supported was Rita Malinkiewicz who has been dreaming of returning to her beloved sport, Lena Kośla's parents who are doing everything to invent a medicine which will help their daughter and hundreds of other children around the world to fight a mutation in the PACS2 gene.

When asked about his impressions, Adrian Wrzos replied: ‘The route was narrow, a large group of cyclists rode really fast. We rode in the beautiful natural surroundings and the greenery of the famous Niepołomice Forest. Fortunately, avoiding the bisons was not necessary, although the reserves of strength after the race would allow me to take another trip. The organization of the event was great and the emotions were worth repeating.’

Tomasz Siejka, in turn, commented briefly: ‘Above all, what mattered to us was the noble cause! Then it was great fun and competition was important only at the end.’

Damian Kamiński sounds very satisfied in his report: "A great idea - combining a sports competition with charity. Huge emotions could be felt as the peloton was moving onto the race route.  According to the regulations, the ride was supposed to be at a ‘slow pace’, but we started at a speed of 35 km/h.  We do not train cycling, some participants from our team rode rented bikes which aroused interest among other competitors. The question:  ‘Can you take part in a professional race on something like this?’ was heard quite often. However, the adrenaline and dedication of the Warbud team meant that we were able to more than implement the plan. We overtook several competitor teams,’ Damian Kamiński adds with a smile. ‘The main race was 85 km, I had a 13 km distance to ride earlier to even get to the starting line and the same distance to ride home.’ To paraphrase the Warbud motto: It's worth building - It's worth trying to take part in such a competition.

Another group of participants were also Eurovia cyclists from the Silesia, Kraków, Wrocław and Rzeszów branches. There was also a representation of the Krakow Office of VINCI Construction Usługi Wsparcia: Ewelina Wallis, Damian Wilk, Piotr Gładysz, Piotr Dudzic, Rafał Kąfera, Marcin Tatka, Karol Sowa, Paweł Morąg, Wojciech Chowaniec and Rafał Kądzielawa.

The charity event to which we were invited by the company SMAY was also supported by ambassadors, including Czesław Lang, Rafał Sonik, Jakub Colin Brzeziński and Bartłomiej Ostałowski.

We give a big thanks to our teams for their commitment and the incredible energy that inspires us to do good.

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