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Warbud and Eurovia are now part of VINCI Construction Polska holding company

We would like to inform you that on January 1, 2024, the holding company VINCI Construction Polska began its operation on the Polish construction market based on the synergy of the Warbud and Eurovia brands. Drawing on their strong market position and many years of experience in the field of construction of buildings, road infrastructure and production of construction materials, we are now opening a new chapter in our common history while maintaining our individual business identity and operational areas.

This means that the business and operational activities of Warbud SA and the Eurovia Group companies do not change. They are still operating based on the existing rules, fulfilling obligations towards their clients and contractors with the highest quality and diligence. At the same time, the new organizational and management model will make us even more flexible, effective and able to quickly respond to changes taking place in the modern world.

We are convinced that for our existing clients as well as for new Business Partners, such a solution means maximizing expertise and developing an offer based on comprehensive services and an innovative approach. By responding to market needs and Investor expectations, we are focussing on sustainable solutions which are environmentally friendly and bring benefits to local communities.

Eurovia and Warbud are part of the world leader in construction and related services - the VINCI Group, whose activities focus on designing, financing, construction and maintaining infrastructure and facilities.

In addition to Warbud SA and the Eurovia Group companies, the VINCI Construction Polska holding company also includes a newly established entity – the company VINCI Construction Usługi Wsparcia Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw, acting for Warbud and Eurovia.

The Management Board of VINCI Construction Polska

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