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Warbud build a teaching and research facility for Warsaw University Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages

On 3 June 2011, a contract signing ceremony was held in the Golden Room of the Kazimierzowski Palace in Warsaw. The contract covers phase 1 of construction of a new teaching and research facility of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages at Warsaw University.

The contract was signed by Ms Jolanta Grocholska and Mr Grzegorz Chudzik, Warbud SA Board Members and Rector of Warsaw University, prof. Katarzyna Chałasińska-Macukow.

The ceremony was attended among others by Warsaw University authorities, authorities of the Faculties of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages, Deputy Marshall of the Mazowieckie Region, Mr Marcin Kierwiński and representatives of Kurylowicz & Associates design office.

The building of Warsaw University Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics Faculties will be built opposite the University Library in the area of Lipowa, Dobra, Wiślana and Browarna streets.

The facility will be built of modern and ecological materials. The accepted technical solutions will highlight the smooth incorporation of the complex in the green academic district. The feeling of being surrounded by natural greenery will be strengthened by the use of a double glass wall along Lipowa St. Its outer layer will be made of coloured glass in shades of yellow and green. This layer, by reducing the amount of heat penetrating the facility, will allow to obtain a delicate colourful space with the effect of light shining through the leaves. On the north side the wall will be formed of concrete and clad on the outside with copper patinated sheet, with colourful accents.

The axis of the building will be a multi-storey main hall along Lipowa St. Parallel to the hall there will be a line of reading rooms for the individual departments and institutes. Teaching rooms will be arranged around the five internal courtyards with thematic gardens: Germanic, Slavic, French, Mediterranean and English gardens. In the first phase the German courtyard will be completed.

On the underground floors there will be a parking lot and a cinema hall for students. The building will house laboratories with modern equipment, language, computer and meeting rooms. At level +4 there will be a garden for users of the building.

The entire facility will be easily available to people with disabilities. A clear visual information system will be installed and the premises will be marked in the Braille system. It will also be possible to install in the building systems amplifying sounds for deaf and hearing impaired students and allowing to connect wireless devices to record lectures and classes for the blind.

After completing the first phase approximately 40 seminar rooms will be available and first classes will be held in the building in academic year 2012/2013. After the completion of the entire building the University’s language Faculties will have more than 100 rooms at their disposal.

Duration of contract: June 2011 – August 2012
Total area: 14 217 m2
Floorage: 10 992 m2
Footprint: 2 533 m2
Building height: 16.5 m





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