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Warbud employees awarded for their contribution to the building industry
Three Warbud employees: Ms Jolanta Grocholska, Board Member, Mr Jozef Kopec and Mr Boleslaw Kot have received awards for their contribution to the building industry. The medals presentation ceremony took place on December 9 during the “Building Industry Christmas Eve 2010” in Warsaw.

The medals are awarded to persons with outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields of architecture and construction. A person may receive the medal only once. The medal is awarded by the minister of construction, planning and housing. The policies and procedures for medal award and wearing the medal are laid out in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 30 April 2002.

Ms Jolanta Grocholska was honoured for

  • 32 years of work in the building industry,
  • Strengthening the image of Polish building firms,
  • Professional activity.

Mr Boleslaw Kot was honoured for:

  • 42 years of work in the building industry,
  • A sense of responsibility for the quality of entrusted tasks.

Mr Jozef Kopec was honoured for:

  • 34 years of work in the building industry,
  • Conscientiousness and accuracy in the performance of his duties.



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