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We are not indifferent to the war we are witnessing in Ukraine. In a gesture of solidarity with our neighbours from beyond the eastern border, we have initiated many aid activities - both those involving The Warbud Foundation - Warto Pomagać as well as Warbud’s employees. We donated funds to the association Polish Medical Mission. Thanks to our donation, the most necessary medicines, medical supplies, dressings and first aid materials were delivered to Ukraine. Through The Warbud Foundation - Warto Pomagać we provided financial support to Polish Humanitarian Action which, being part of the charity SOS Ukraine, provides help to refugees from Ukraine in the form of packages containing food and hygiene materials and psychological care. Thanks to our financial resources, Ukrainian refugees, in particular children and adolescents with a war trauma, will receive psychological help and support in education and learning the Polish language in the Ukrainian House run by Our Choice Foundation.

 We have renovated a refugee centre in Wrocław. It is another contribution of our firm for refugees from Ukraine. In the very centre of Wrocław, there is already a Ukrainian House in a building which was renovated by our company. We responded to the request of the BloomPro Foundation which decided to create a place of support and psychological care for 200 women and children, including 34 children who have lost both parents. Thanks to the renovation, a space was created which will allow for professional activation of women from Ukraine through various activities, including learning Polish and English, preparatory courses and CV writing, as well as direct meetings with prospective employers. The Ukrainian House also offers an opportunity to work in support groups, take part in activities for children, individual and group therapy sessions, in integration and adaptation meetings. Thanks to the commitment of our team of builders, the modernization was completed in a flash - in less than three weeks. Our employees painted the walls, renovated the ceiling panels and did all the repair work in the bathrooms and kitchens. We were supported by the company Teknos, from which we received paints for the rooms.

Activities for women and children in the renovated rooms

As part of the action "Homemade cake - a piece of home" several dozen fresh and fragrant pastries produced by Warbud employees were sent to Jazdów Estate in Warsaw transformed to a support zone and temporary accommodation for people fleeing the war to Poland.

Warbud’s employees decided to buy 11 fully equipped medical bags for residents of three Ukrainian cities. The contents of each bag handed over to Ukraine can save the lives and health of at least 10 people. Rescue kits were delivered to the inhabitants of Horodyshche, Novohrad-Volynskyi and Donetsk. Help is delivered to such places much less frequently, and it is also needed there because there are more and more people there who need immediate first aid.

Also food and material gifts, hygiene products, medicines and other medical supplies were sent from Warbud to Ukrainian people in need staying at Warsaw railway stations, in temporary shelters or hospitals. Some of the gifts were delivered directly to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

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