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Warbud has opened section C of South Ring Road of Warsaw. It is part of one of the largest road construction projects in Poland’s capital city in recent years.

The construction of South Ring of Warsaw was divided into three sections. The longest section - built by Warbud SA and marked with the letter "C", stretches for 7.5 km between "Puławska" junction to "Lubelska" junction (from km 11+478.52 to km 18+949.95). The project was executed as a "design and build" project. On December 22, 2020 at 12:15 p.m. - five years after signing the contract with GDDKiA - the road was officially opened. This event was reported by major TV stations. The opening ceremony was led by Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. Warbud SA was represented in the ceremony by Mr. Piotr Mika, Member of the Management Board and Mr. Artur Raczak, Contract Director.

The completed S2 expressway has two roadways with three lanes in each direction. Task C also included among others the construction of four dual-carriageway structures in Mazovian Landscape Park, Patriotów Junction - a strategic facility on the route with two road viaducts, four railway viaducts and rebuilding of utilities. Four road viaducts were built over the S2 road along Tawułkowa, Mozaikowa, Zabawna and Izbicka streets, about 32 km of transverse, local and access roads were built as well as a network of footpaths and bicycle paths. Railway track system was also rebuilt. The passage through the area of the landscape park required from Warbud engineers to use technical solutions which minimized the harmful impact of the road on the surroundings. Over 365-meter-long flyovers in the Mazovian Landscape Park were built with the use of the increasingly popular incremental launching method. Patriotów Junction was built with the use of the so-called a sealed bathtub method. The over 340 m long bathtub was situated in the depression of the terrain and in addition to that the entire junction was surrounded by sound barriers. Over the bath we have built four railway viaducts for the Warszawa - Dorohusk railway line and two road viaducts for the Patriotów Street (eastern and western roadway). Another big challenge was the underwater concreting of the pumping station plug in the sealed tub and the execution of road construction works in the vicinity of active rail and road traffic.

Site manager - Mr. Adam Zalewski - thanked his team for cooperation and commitment and emphasized that people related to infrastructure construction as well as those from outside the industry highly appreciate the professionalism, preparation and the course of the work itself on the completed POW section C construction site.

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