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Warbud's new contract at a Szczecin hospital

On November 15, 2022, a contract was signed for the rebuilding of Buildings B and C of Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Szczecin located at 4 Arkońska Street. The contract was signed on behalf of Warbud SA by Mr. Dariusz Matulski, Director of Public Procurement Department, and on behalf of the Employer by Ms. Małgorzata Usielska, director of the hospital. The works are scheduled for completion in 16 months.

‘Many people have contributed to the fact of affixing our under the contract - our colleagues from the office, from the bidding department and directly from the construction site. This is our third joint project with the Szczecin Hospital and I am convinced that with such an effective team we will efficiently bring the project to completion,’ said Dariusz Matulski. ‘In less than 18 months the facility will open new opportunities for the medical staff, it will bring relief to patients receiving treatment and Warbud will have another project to be proud of.’

The detailed scope of the procurement includes:

  • rebuilding of the existing Building C to house an angiography laboratory, new magnetic resonance imaging and examination rooms as well as the expansion of the facility by a tomography laboratory,
  • rebuilding of the underground technical connector between buildings B" and C and construction of a new glazed link between those buildings,
  • construction of a new hospital lift,
  • thermal modernization of Building C and part of Building B,
  • as well as rebuilding of the external water supply system, rainwater and sanitary sewage systems for Building ‘C’ (in the area of Buildings B and C).

Technical parameters:

Overall rebuilding area of Building C: 3,229 sq. m.

Overall rebuilding area of Building B: 361 sq. m.

Expansion of building C: 212 sq. m.

Number of storeys:

1 underground and 3 above-ground

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