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Warbud signs another contract to build a hospital in Poznań

The subject of the contract signed on 2 March 2021 is design and construction of Central Integrated Clinical Hospital (modules 1, 2A, 2B, 3B). 

The project will be implemented as a design and build contract entitled Central Integrated Teaching Hospital in Poznań - Interventional Medicine Centre (Stage I). The Contracting Authority, Karol Marcinkowski Medical University, was represented by prof. Andrzej Tykarski, PhD - Rector, countersigned by Ms. Barbara Maciałowicz - Finance Director and Heliodor Święcicki Teaching Hospital of Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznań was represented by Ms. Krystyna Mackiewicz MD, PhD - Director, countersigned by Ms. Mirosława Błaszak-Dydymska - Chief Accountant. On Warbud’s part, the contract was signed by Mr. Jerzy Werle - President of the Management Board and Mr. Lech Wąsowski - Member of the Board, Director of Region Centre. The contract will be implemented by Warbud SA in a consortium with CITINEA SA. 

‘Our team is really experienced. We have carried out huge hospital projects. We will certainly keep the schedule so that the end result is in line with all expectations and serves both the community of the city and the region. We feel honoured to be able to implement this project,’ said Mr. Jerzy Werle, President of Warbud SA’s Management Board.

The Medical University Central Integrated Teaching Hospital will be built in Grunwald district, at the back of the current clinical hospital located at Przybyszewskiego St. The Investor's assumption is to connect the new building with the existing facility owned by the University. The new building is to take over all emergency admissions to University Hospital. The goal is to create a facility operating on the principles of a "hot platform", i.e. a quick, conflict-free connection between the ER, the operating theatre, the diagnostic imaging unit, the intensive care unit and the helipad. All this will allow the Investor perform instant diagnostics and treatment procedures in severe emergencies. 

The goals of the project are as follows:

- improvement of availability of modern forms of diagnostics and therapy and the number of highly specialized procedures,

- comprehensive protection for the residents of Poznań in case of emergency,

- consolidation of activities of the two hospitals which will translate into the continuity of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in one place,

- development of outpatient care by shifting the burden from inpatient to outpatient treatment and one-day forms of providing services,

- creating an innovative and comprehensive clinical base for the implementation of medical staff education. 

Total area: 28 130 m2

Footprint: 5 400 m2

Volume: 98 000m3

Scheduled time for completion: March 2021 - December 2023

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