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Warbud signs contract for Transfer Hub in Opole

Warbud has won a new contract.  The project involves the construction of a Transfer Hub in Opole. The contract was concluded on October 18, 2019. On the Investor's side, it was signed by Mr Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Mayor of Opole, and on behalf of Warbud - by Grzegorz Chudzik, Member of the Board, Director of DBS and Mr Bartłomiej Panek, Director of the Katowice Branch.

The construction of the new Transfer Hub is one of the most important development projects in Opole. The facility with a large car park will be built in the area currently occupied by a bus station situated opposite the train station and will be a representative point located in the city centre.

Thanks to the new development, passengers who want to change from trains to public transport will have that opportunity. There will also be over 300 new parking spaces. The modern building will house service outlets and a recreation area with restaurants and a small shopping arcade. Over 4,000 m² of the area are green terraces.  

The full name of the development project is the construction, expansion and rebuilding of infrastructure for low-emission public transport in Opole - stage II Part 1 – Rebuilding of public roads and construction of a transfer hub at Opole Główne railway station.

Detailed scope of work:

1. Road building: Expansion of the existing transport system in the area of the planned Transfer Hub - Opole Główne.

2. General construction works: Construction of a Transfer Hub within the right-of-way of municipal road No. 103805 O - Armii Krajowej St., that is:

a) construction of a bus station together with the construction of a multi-level car park with 346 parking spaces

b) construction of driveway and exit from Armii Krajowej St. and exit to 1 Maja St.

c) construction of a bus station area with platforms and ramps

d) road works

e) construction of a bicycle terminal, installation of parking meters, ticket vending machines, information boards, etc.

f) rebuilding of street lighting along with construction of traffic lights at the intersection of 1 Maja - Kołłątaja - Armii Krajowej Streets

g) construction of technical duct for ITS (Intelligent Traffic and Public Transport Management System)

h) construction of storm water drainage, power, water, sanitary, telecommunications and heating network connections for the multi-level car park

i) planting of low greenery

j) demolition of structures necessary for the construction of the Transfer Hub

Project data:

Total area: 15 930 m2

Cubic volume: 64 241.6 m3

Project duration: 28 months from the date of signing the contract.

Employer: Municipal Road Authority in Opole

Designer: TERRABUD PL Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.

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