Warbud News

Warbud to build the substructure of a new office and shopping complex in Warsaw
Warbud will build the underground part of the office and shopping complex at no. 2 Puławska St. in Warsaw. The object of the contract signed on December 14, 2010 is the construction of the core and shell of the basement of the building including the elaboration of a working design. Warbud will build 432 metres of 80 cm thick diaphragm walls including drainage of the excavation and the erection of the concrete structure. The work is due for completion in April 2012. The Client is the firm Nowy Plac Unii SA.

The complex made of three buildings will be divided at the ground level with a pedestrian lane which will create a circulation space in the area of the three main entrances. The buildings will be connected by a glass roof. Levels from -1 to +2 will have commercial and services functions. Offices will be situated on floors from 2 to 21. The total area of the building is 105 000 m2, including the substructure with an area of  41 288 m2.
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