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Warbud will build a promenade along the Obra River in Trzciel

Warbud has been awarded a contract for the construction of a promenade along the Obra River in Trzciel including the development of the beach area on the Młyńskie Lake and the construction of an access road to the beach. The investor is the Commune of Trzciel in Lubuskie region. The contract was signed on 25 May 2022.

The task consists in the construction of an access road, a slipway for launching boats, a beach and a 600-metre-long promenade along the Obra River in the town of Trzciel. The promenade will be built of high-quality materials obtained as a result of recycling mixed LDPE/HDPE plastics which are a modern substitute for wood.

The project is financed from the government fund Polski Ład.

Scheduled time for completion: 24 months from the date of the contract. The work will start in June this year.

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