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Warbud will build a Public Services Centre in Opole

A Public Services Centre will be built near the intersection of Ozimska and Plebiscytowa streets in Opole. It will consist of two buildings with a similar architectural form. According to City authorities, the purpose of the investment is to optimize costs and establish a common public space which will constitute an improvement for the residents. The procurement is divided into two projects as the investment is to be run and financed by two Employers.

Task No. 1 consists in the construction, in accordance with LEED requirements, of a new building which will eventually house the city hall departments which are now scattered all throughout Opole. The Employer is the company Opolskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Spółka z o.o.

Total closed-in area: 16 835.09 m2

Usable area: 4 548.09 m 2

Building volume: 78 007.76 m3

Number of floors: substructure: 1, above ground: 4

Scheduled time for completion: 24 months following contract conclusion

Task No. 2 consists in the construction of a building to house new headquarters of the Tax Administration Chamber. The Employer is Tax Administration Chamber in Opole.

Total closed-in area: 11 813.21 m2

Usable area: 3 930.31 m2

Building volume: 53 667.88 m3

Number of floors: substructure: 1, above ground: 4

Scheduled time for completion: 30 months following contract conclusion


Contracts for the two tasks were signed by: on behalf of Warbud - Grzegorz Chudzik, Member of the Board, Director of DBS and Bartłomiej Panek, Director of the Katowice Branch, and on the part of the Employer - Tomasz Maciaś, President of the Board of OTBS and Barbara Bętkowska-Cela, Director of the Tax Administration Chamber.

The buildings were designed by Heinle, Wisher und Partner Architekci from Wrocław.

Warbud signed the contract for the construction of the Public Services Centre on March 2, 2020.

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