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Warbud will build Subcarpathian Science Centre

Warbud will design and build Subcarpathian Science Centre (PCN) in Tajęcin, which will be located in the vicinity of G2A Arena Exhibition and Conference Centre and Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport. The design stage will last 10 months and the entire facility will be completed in May 2022. PCN is the first science centre in the Subcarpathia Voivodship and the second facility of that type in Poland.

The building with an area of over 6.5 thousand m2 and a cubic volume of 40 000 m³ will measure 19.5 m at its highest point. The futuristic shape of the centre makes a big impression. Its shape refers to a planetary orbit, a Zeppelin or DNA helix.

Signing of the contract

The contract was officially signed on September 17, 2019. It is the development project of Subcarpathian Voivodship Government. The institution appointed by Marshal of the voivodship to implement the project is the Voivodship Culture Centre in Rzeszów, hence the contract was signed by: Mr Marek Jastrzębski, acting Director of the Voivodship Culture Centre in Rzeszów and on Warbud’s part by Mr. Jerzy Werle, President of the Management Board and Mr. Wojciech Gerber, Member of the Board.

The mission of the centre is to show the world in three areas: we - the people, the world around us and our civilization. The four-story facility - 3 overground and 1 underground level - will contain 200 interactive exhibits. The centre is supposed to concentrate on the aviation theme. There are plans for three laboratories dedicated to physics, chemistry and biology and a large workshop which could be divided into two smaller ones where polytechnic classes related to the construction, building of devices, instruments, modelling and DIY will be held.  

A number of innovative solutions will be incorporated in and energy-efficient building. One of them are window pane sets with invisible photovoltaic cells generating electricity for the needs of the institution. Outdoor exhibitions and recreational areas will be situated outside the building. A viewing terrace will also be built. A mobile exhibition is panned in the future.

After the completion of construction works the state-of-the-art and interactive scientific facility will be a showcase not only of Rzeszów, but also of the entire Subcarpathia Voivodship. More than 80 schools from the region have already declared their interest in cooperation with the newly created centre.

Press conference

A press conference was held after the contract was signed as a response to enormous public interest in the new project. Journalists’ questions were answered by representatives of the Investor and Warbud. Marshal of the Subcarpathia Voivodship Mr. Władysław Ortyl could not hide his satisfaction with the fact that the investment was entering the implementation phase.

President Jerzy Werle assured that ‘Warbud is a professional company which knows how to implement this type of development project.’ He also emphasized that for our staff the creation of such architecturally and structurally complex facility is an interesting engineering challenge.

PCN will certainly become one of the most interesting places to promote learning among children and youth in an original way. The inspiration for the authorities of the Subcarpathia Voivodship was the well-known and extremely crowded Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre - also built by Warbud.

Additional information:

  • Type of contract: ‘Design and build’
  • Scheduled date of completion: 31.05.2022

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