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Warbud will expand a hospital complex in Szczecin

Warbud has won a contract for the construction of a new building in the hospital complex at 4 Arkońska Street in Szczecin. The building will house infectious disease wards and specialist clinics. The company is also responsible for external installations and landscaping works.

On Warbud’s part the contract was signed by Mr. Lech Wąsowski, Director of Centre Region and Mr. Dariusz Matulski, Director of the Public Procurement Division. On the part of the Client the contract was signed by Ms. Małgorzata Usielska, Director of the Independent Public Provincial Complex Hospital in Szczecin. The document was signed on June 15, 2021.

Thanks to the new investment, patients will be admitted to wards in two independent emergency departments - paediatric and for adults. Additionally, there will be specialist clinics on the ground floor. On the first floor, there will be a Children's Observation and Infection Ward, and on the second and third floor there will be infectious wards for adults. The floors above them - fourth and fifth - will be used for staff and administrative facilities as well as training rooms for students. In addition, the project involves the construction of a landing site for rescue helicopters on the roof and the construction of a connector with the Image Diagnostics Centre.

Total area: 4,985m2

Footprint: 898.77 m2

Volume: 15 353.00 m3

Time for completion: 24 months from the date of signing the contract.

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