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Warbud will expand Ball Packaging Europe factory in Lublin

On 5 November 2021 Warbud signed a contract for the expansion the existing Ball Packaging Europe production plant in Lublin. The Client is a leading European manufacturer of aluminium cans. On Warbud’s part, the contract was signed by Mr. Grzegorz Chudzik - Member of the Management Board and Mr. Daniel Okoński - Law Director and Proxy, and on the Client’s part by Carey Stafford Causey - President of Ball Beverage Packaging Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) at Ball Corporation and Robert Granosik - Member of the Management Board of Ball Packaging Europe and Director of the Plant in Lublin.

Damian Lewczuk, Contract Manager, stated that at present the biggest challenge for the construction team, apart from efficiently getting through the formal and design stage, will be the organization of the works in such a way as to provide the Employer with access to the production hall along with the services infrastructure as soon as possible for the commencement of the assembly of one of the production modules.

The Project in brief

The factory is a "design and build" project. Its total area will be expanded in the project by 12 800 sqm. Warbud is responsible for the development of multi-disciplinary project documentation, obtaining a construction permit on behalf of the Client and execution of construction works. The works will start at the moment the construction permit is obtained. The construction process is scheduled for 53 weeks and operating permit will be obtained within 3 weeks after works completion.

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