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Warbud will rebuild a retention tank in Tarnobrzeg
On February 16, 2011, Warbud signed a contract with Tarnobrzeskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o. for the liquidation of flood effects in Tarnobrzeg. The task will encompass the work on the rebuilding of the retention tank in the Nadole Estate. The work will be carried out in the period from February to October 2011.
During the contract signing ceremony Warbud was represented by Mr Marcin Szczepaniak, Director of Region East.
Warbud will carry out the following works:
  • demolition of the existing embankments of the reservoir damaged during heavy rainfall and due to overloading the reservoir during the recent floods by storing wastewater
  • design and construction, in the place of the embankments, of reinforced concrete walls resistant to water pressure, making it impossible for water to overflow to the adjacent land
  • Release of excess water behind the Vistula river embankment do the discharge channel, to the Vistula river.

The project is financed from the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund.
After the stoppage of the wastewater treatment plant during last year’s flood, municipal wastewater was directed to the reservoir in Nadole. As a result of that and due to heavy rainfall the infrastructure of the reservoir, in particular the embankments and the stormwater discharge system, was seriously damaged. At present the reservoir may hold 5 thousand cubic metres of water. After rebuilding its capacity will increase to 8 thousand cubic metres.

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