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Warbud wins contract for construction works at hospital in Wadowice

Warbud will add floors to pavilion "E" of St. John Paul II Hospital in Wadowice. The contract, concluded on June 13, 2022, provides for the construction of two new floors (6 and 7) and the supply of equipment. The contract was signed by: Ms. Barbara Bulanowska, Hospital Director and Grzegorz Koprowski, Director of Warbud SA’s Region South.

After completion of the works, a new One-Day Surgery Department will be located on the 6th floor along with two operating theatres and an Endoscopy Laboratory. The purpose of the development project is to allow doctors to perform specific surgical procedures in the shortest possible time. For a patient, this means staying in the ward from several to a maximum of 24 hours.

One floor above, on the 7th floor, there will be two Internal Medicine Departments, each equipped with 24 patient beds.

A Centre for Rapid Diagnostics and Short-Term Therapy will be launched in the newly built spaces.  The development plan envisages the consolidation of diagnostic laboratories (currently located in different parts of the facility) and the aforementioned One-Day Surgery Department, with two operating rooms. Such a solution will make it possible to reduce intra-hospital transmissions and meet patients’ health needs in terms of services not provided during the pandemic.

Overall area of floors 6 and 7: 2,464.54 m2.

Scheduled limit for completion: 16 months from the date of the contract

The task will be implemented under the project "Counteracting the social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and improving the epidemiological safety of St. John Paul II Hospital in Wadowice.”

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