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Warsaw Data Hub is now operational. Orange Polska has launched its latest data processing centre

The construction of the newest Orange Polska data centre which started last year has been completed. The facility is ready for use. It will include both the key elements of the operator's network and the infrastructure for its clients.

‘For a number of year we have been consistently investing significant amounts of money in the development of our network and services in order to satisfy the growing needs of our clients. Our infrastructure must be ready to handle the constantly growing traffic. Only in August 2021 we recorded an approx. 64% increase in the amount of data sent over our optical fibres compared to August 2020. Polish companies are more and more willing to digitize, they more and more often choose cloud solutions. Warsaw Data Hub will significantly increase our collocation potential, and we can also expand this facility if necessary. The latest solutions used in that data centre will also allow us to reduce the number of devices used, which, combined with their highest energy efficiency, will result in an increased energy efficiency of our network. In practice, this means a reduction in the level of CO² emissions by approx. 5 thousand tons per year. This is an important step towards a total climate neutrality that we plan to achieve in 2040,’ said Julien Ducarroz, Chairman of Orange Polska.

Warsaw Data Hub, which, after the transfer of the most important systems of Orange Polska, will become one of the key hubs in the operator's network, will also allow Orange to offer its business clients modern, safe and environmentally-friendly facilities in the form of data centre and collocation services they need. In this context, WDH location near Warsaw is very important as it is the capital city where the demand for this type of services is growing the fastest. According to a report by PMR entitled "Data centre market in Poland 2020 - Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025", the net available space in data centres and commercial server rooms in Poland will grow by an average of 7.9% annually in the coming years, and will exceed 90 thousand sqm until the end of 2025.

‘Orange Polska Warsaw Data Hub is one of the most innovative facilities of that type in Poland, both in terms of the technologies used, security standards and pro-ecological solutions. Warbud designed and built the facility within an extremely short time of 14 months. Thanks to the exemplary cooperation with the Investor, the construction process went extremely smoothly and as planned,’ said Grzegorz Chudzik, Member of Management Board of Warbud SA, the general contractor for the development project.

A confirmation of the high quality and safety of the facility is the class 3 certification obtained for its design, in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 50600. The data processing centre is equipped with a double-circuit power supply for the building, provided from two areas of the power company, 4.1 MW each, and a guaranteed power supply in the form of 3 power generators - each with a capacity of 1800 kW.

The facility uses an precision air-conditioning system in N+1 redundant system with independent 1400 kW chilled water lines for four technical chambers with an area of 400 m² each. Precision freon air conditioning systems in N+1 redundant system with a power of 245 kW were used in the technical rooms.

The fire safety of the centre is ensured by an IG-541 gas extinguishing system and early smoke detection systems for fuel tanks and power generators, and additionally a semi-solid heavy foam installation. The building is also protected by security systems using, inter alia, state-of-the-art laser and biometric technologies. Those solutions guarantee a high degree of reliability and availability of the critical infrastructure as well as data processing and transmission without any interruptions. 

Warsaw Data Hub meets all the necessary criteria and is able to serve even the most demanding clients. Orange Polska emphasizes that its offer is addressed both to clients with one server, with several devices as well as to those who need the entire server room. As part of the Unit service, we provide space in shared racks for colocation of individual devices. Rack colocation offers clients exclusive server racks. In turn, as part of the Space service, the client's racks are located in a dedicated or shared space, according to their individual needs. Orange stands out on the market with its individual approach to the needs of an individual client as well as reliability and high quality of services. Orange Polska data centres have not had any breakdowns since the beginning of their operation, i.e. since 2005.

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