Contact details:

Warbud SA Civil Engineering Directorate
address: ul. Domaniewska 32
02-672 Warszawa


tel: (+48)22 56 76 104
fax: (+48) 22 56 76 021




The Civil Engineering Division (DBI) is responsible for obtaining and execution of contracts in the field of road, bridge, environmental and hydro-engineering projects. DBI operates in all parts of Poland. The Division has completed more than 30 infrastructural projects such as roads, bridges, sewage treatment plants, marinas, waterfronts and flood protection facilities.

Road and bridge projects:

  • Repair of the flyovers on Jana Pawła II Avenue in Warsaw
  • Pylon and eastern span of Swietokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw
  • Pylon of a bridge on the Sucharski Road in Gdansk
  • Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw
  • The TESCO flyover in Bydgoszcz
  • Czerniakowska Junction in Warsaw
  • Viaduct on Obornicka Street in Poznan
  • Bridge over the Sybiraków roundabout in Warsaw
  • Renovation of a cable-stayed bridge on the heat distribution main in Poznan
  • Rebuilding of the customs office road in Kukuryki
  • Demolition and rebuilding of viaducts on Płowiecka St. in Warsaw
  • Construction of a class G1/2 road with a bridge in Elbląg's district of Modrzewina
  • National Road 18 (Iłowa - Golnice)
  • The Kwiatkowski Road in Gdynia - stage 3
  • National Road 22 - section II (Elbląg - Grzechotki), section III (Elbląg - Chruściel)
  • The East-West Road in Gdańsk
  • Rebuilding of Głogowska St., phase II, section from the Junikowski Stream to Rawicka St. in Poznan
  • Construction of Express Road S-8, section Konotopa - Prymasa Tysiąclecia St. in Warsaw (joint venture)
  • Construction of a grade-separated crossing of the Siekierkowska Road - Płowiecka St. in Warsaw (joint venture)
  • Extension of National Road S-7, section Elblag-Olsztynek, stage I: section Elblag - Kalsk (joint venture)
  • Pułkowa interchange on North Bridge Road in Warsaw
  • Construction of Express Road S5 Gniezno - Poznań (the Kleszczewo junction), section 2: Czachurki - Kleszczewo
  • Bypass of Jaroslaw (joint venture)
  • Rebuildin of the Antoninek viaduct in Poznan
  • Construction of Expressway S8 at the section Salomea - Wolica with a connection with National Road 7 (joint venture)
  • Railway line from Biadoliny to Tarnow
  • A2 Motorway, section A, Stryków - Konotopa (joint venture)
  • Construction of 4 grade-separation crossings in the area of the Ciechanów Local Control Centre
  • S-19 expressway, section from Świlcza to Rzeszów Południe Interchange (Kielanowka)

Environmental projects:

  • Construction of a Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant for the AVON plant in Garwolin
  • Reconstruction of the Radocha II wastewater treatment plant, including the grit chamber, screen house and sand separator
  • Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant in Gilwa Mała near Kwidzyn
  • Extension of the Collective Wastewater Treatment Plant (GOS) in Lodz - one of Poland's largest wastewater treatment plants
  • Extension of the wastewater treatment plant and sewerage system in Stare Babice municipality
  • Sewage sludge management - constructon of a complete dehydrated sludge incineration plant under a project called "Modernization of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lublin"
  • Modernization of the Radocha II wastewater treatment plant and construction of the Bobrek interceptor under a project called "Wastewater Management in Sosnowiec"
  • Construction of a water treatment station under a project called "Water and Sewage Management in Stalowa Wola"
  • Construction of Thermal Sludge Neutralisation Station at Wastewater Treatment Works in Lodz
  • Design and construction of the Thermal Sludge Utilization Plant at the Czajka Wastewater Treatment Works in Warsaw's district of Białołęka (as a consortium partner)
  • Extension of the waste water treatment plant in Siedlce

Hydro-engineering projects:

  • Sports and recreation areas on the river Narew - phase I
  • The Piaskowy Canal: rebuilding of a flood embankment (right bank) in Cedry Wielkie in the Pomerania region
  • Rebuilding of flood embankment in Sartowice - Nowe, poviat of Świecko, Kujawsko-pomorskie region
  • Rebuilding of flood protection embankments in the area of Warsaw's districts of Wilanów and Mokotów
  • Flood protection of the Żuławy area - phase I


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