How we built Warbud

History written with buildings

  • 1991
  • 1995
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • 2001
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  • Year 1991

    The Mercure Hotel

    Construction of that building was not only one of the first major contracts in our company but also a turning point in its evolution. It was then that we met the French company CBC on our way, now the VINCI Group. A year later, the French construction tycoon, after transformation of Private Company Warbud  into a public company, became its majority shareholder.

  • Year 1995

    Office Building for Polish Telecom

    The facility located in Warsaw's district of Żoliborz was the first building which we built as a general contractor. Today construction of office buildings is one of our flagship services.

    Housing Estate at Racławicka Street in Warsaw

    This multi-stage project was our debut in the housing segment – it should be added here that the debut was very successful. The building enjoyed popularity among prospective apartment owners and tenants. We are a proof of that popularity – our main office was located there for over 10 years.

  • Year 1997

    Ratusz Arsenał Metro Station

    A "turnkey" construction of a prestigious structure - Ratusz Arsenał Metro Station - opened before us many opportunities in the civil engineering segment. Since then we have been taking many projects in that segment which are often pioneering implementations.

  • Year 1998

    Galeria Mokotów Shopping Mall

    With this shopping mall we started our fruitful cooperation with the commercial sector which has continued to this day. A few years later we were ranked in top positions among contractors for commercial buildings and built Poland’s most recognizable shopping malls. It is worth mentioning the following:  Poznan Plaza, Galeria Kazimierz, and Renoma and Vroclavia in Wroclaw - the capital of Lower Silesia region, Arkadia, Blue City in Warsaw, Tarasy Zamkowe in Lublin or Forum Gdańsk.

  • Year 2001


    In that year we completed the two-year-long modernization of BELVEDERE Residence in Warsaw. Soon in our portfolio there will be more historic buildings, such as the Europejski Hotel, Raczynski House or the Capitol Theatre in Wroclaw.

  • Year 2002

    Świętokrzyski Bridge

    This is Warsaw’s first cable-stayed bridge. Warbud was responsible for the construction of its pylons. In subsequent years bridge construction became one of the specialties of our firm which led to the execution of other projects in Warsaw, Gdansk and Poznan.

  • Year 2004

    Municipal Waste Treatment Plant near Kwidzyn

    This modern facility was the first of many projects of that type executed by the Warbud in the field of environmental protection. The largest and the most prestigious project in that field was the expansion and modernization of Czajka Sewage Treatment Plant in Warsaw.

  • Year 2005

    Marina Mokotów Housing Estate

    The construction of this comfortable housing estate called "a city within the City" was one of our most demanding challenges in the field of residential construction – this is the largest project of that type in Poland! We are very proud of the fact that it was a huge success and won for a trophy in the competition Building of the Year 2005.

    Gillette Manufacturing Plant

    The blades and razors production plant with a packaging hall and a warehouse is the largest Gillette factory in the world! The project also received the title Building of the Year 2005. After that there came other industrial projects: DELL factory in Lodz, Valeo factory in Krakow, glassworks in Ujazd, Mercedes-Benz engine plant in Jawor and aircraft engine maintenance and repair plant in Jasionka near Rzeszow.

  • Year 2006

    Łagisza Power Plant

    It is here where we executed our first works in the field of power plant construction. In the future there will be more and more such projects in our portfolio.

    Water holding tanks at Warsaw Airport

    It was the first water engineering project for which our company acted as a general contractor – it was the first, but definitely not the last one. Since that time we signed a number of other contracts for the execution of similar projects. For example, we performed among others the first renovation of the eastern piers in the Sea Port in ustka in 100 years. The new architecture refers to the appearance of the old sea port.

  • Year 2007

    Lech Walesa Airport

    It was Warbud who undertook to expand the airport in Gdańsk. Under the project we expanded among others the departure and arrival halls. Two external conservatories were also added to the latter structure. We also participated in the expansion of the Balice airport or the Reymont Airport in Łódź.

  • Year 2008

    Kwiatkowskiego Road in Gdynia

    Kwiatkowskiego Road is one of the largest road projects in Gdynia. We used here a lot of innovative and technologically advanced transport, construction and environmental protection solutions – this was necessary because of the moraine landscape and the fact that the Road runs through the area of Tri-City Landscape Park. The project won a golden statuette in the competition Building of the Year 2008.

  • Year 2009

    Onet Data Centre in Krakow

    A technically complex building completed by Warbud acting as a main contractor. The facility was designed not only to accommodate servers and other IT equipment but also contains office space.

  • Year 2010

    Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw

    The Copernicus Science Centre building, which has been enjoying enormous popularity, has brought us many awards in the field of construction of enclosed buildings. The project is exceptional for us. This is not only because of its unique purpose. It is also exceptional because the implementation of an innovative architectural design was a considerable engineering challenge. The design contained a technically complex structure of the building founded on the Wisłostrada express road tunnel as well as a modern and innovative façade not yet installed on such a large scale in Poland.

  • Year 2011

    Divine Providence Church

    We executed reinforced concrete works in the museum part of the building which is now a landmark not only of Warsaw but also of Poland.

  • Year 2012

    Czajka Sewage Treatment Plant

    It is the largest facility of this type in Poland. Almost 150 new and modernized structures in the area of 54 hectares and 1,500 people working at the same time in the peak of construction works. The project required the use of 250 000 m³ of concrete, 22 000 tons of steel and 3,000 tons of structural steel profiles. Warbud was the leader of the joint-venture responsible for the plant’s modernization and expansion. The "design and build” contract was implemented on the basis of the yellow FIDIC book.

  • Year 2014

    Seat of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice

    We completed the first concert hall in Poland meeting the highest acoustic requirements in only 1000 days. In this respect this building is also unique in the world.

  • Year 2015

    District Court in Nowy Sącz

    The contract for the implementation of the government's first PPP project - the construction of the seat of District Court in Nowy Sacz was signed in 2015. The project was completed in record time - in 20 months. This pioneering project has a chance to set the direction of development of private funding projects in Poland and to contribute to the promotion of that formula. In our portfolio of PPP projects we also have thermal upgrading of educational facilities in the municipality of Wiązowna. This was a "hybrid" project with three sources of funding - EU and public funds and a private partner’s capital.

  • Year 2016

    Railway line from Siedlce to Terespol

    The modernization of the railway line which was completed in 2016 - and lasted for three years - is an example of our skills in the field of railway construction.

  • Year 2017

    Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk

    The innovative museum building with a library, conference and cinema rooms, educational, office and residential parts as well as an exhibit warehouse has taken the form of a multi-storey structure with 80% of space situated underground. The building with a floor space of 57 000 sq. m. reaches the depth of -14 m and its tower rises to the height of 40 m above ground level.

  • Year 2018

    Graffit office building in Warsaw


    Nearly half of our buildings are subject to the so-called BREEAM and LEED "green certificates", also at "excellent" and "outstanding" levels. This is a proof of Warbud’s high standards in the field of environmental protection. It is also associated with very strict requirements regarding not only design work but also at the stage of construction, both in terms of organization and work culture. An example is the state-of-the-art Graffit office building which was opened in 2018.

  • Year 2019

    University Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim

    In 2019 the largest hospital complex in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe – University Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim – was opened for patients.  This huge and extremely challenging project executed in the "design and build" formula was completed in 4 years by a joint-venture of companies led by Warbud.  At peak time 1200 people worked on the 15-hectare construction site.

    The hospital which we have built is an ultramodern, fully integrated medical complex of twenty buildings, including 9 hospital buildings with nearly 1,000 patient beds. It houses 24 operating rooms, 31 clinical departments, 27 specialist clinics and a landing pad for Medical Air Rescue helicopters. The hospital has extensive teaching facilities for students of Jagiellonian University’s Medical College.

  • Year 2020

    In December 2020, Warbud engineers commissioned the 7.5-kilometre-long section C of the Southern Bypass of Warsaw. It is part of one of the largest road construction projects in the capital city in recent years. 

  • Year 2021

    Warbud has extensive experience in construction projects in the high-standard office space segment. In 2021, we completed the construction of two modern skyscrapers in Warsaw -  Skyliner and Mennica Legacy Tower.

  • Year 2022

    We completed the Norblin Factory in Warsaw. It is an architectural and structural masterpiece and one of the most difficult projects we have had in the 30-year history of the company.

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