The VINCI Group



Construction companies carry out over 270,000 development projects each year in nearly a hundred countries. Together, they have unique experience and knowledge in the energy, information technology, road and rail works, construction and public works sectors.


VINCI CONSTRUCTION is the largest French firm and the world leader in the field of construction and public works. It designs and builds facilities and infrastructure which respond to the biggest challenges of the modern world, such as the climate change, demographic growth, growing demand for housing, access to health care, water and education, new ways of developing utility and recreational spaces and an increased need for mobility. The goal of VINCI Construction is to support its clients in a changing world thanks to expert knowledge, innovative abilities and the commitment of 71 thousand employees.

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The company is accelerating the implementation of new technologies in a world of constant change. It supports two main transformations: digital transformation and energy transformation. VINCI Energies associates 77,000 employees in 1,800 companies with a strong local brand and flexible organization. The company increases the reliability, security and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, production plants, buildings and IT systems.

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Eurovia supports territorial development by offering mobility solutions to improve economic competitiveness and strengthen the social fabric. The innovation policy is focused on green growth and contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the road sector. Eurovia operates in 16 countries in Europe as well as in North and South America. It employs over 43 thousand people. It conducts activities in the field of design, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure and urban space development.

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