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Warbud SA is a company which is one of the largest and most recognizable general contractors in Poland. A well-known and reliable brand with nearly 30 years of experience.

“A trusted partner” - our motto

We have completed over 600 contracts in all sectors of the construction market. Our portfolio includes shopping malls, high-rise buildings, office buildings, housing estates and apartment buildings, metro stations, airports, roads, bridges, hospitals, culture centres, science and technology parks, environmental protection facilities, power plants, factories, military facilities and projects implemented in public-private partnership formula.

Thinking about people

For us sustainable economic success is inextricably connected with people. The values we believe in are part of our culture of builders. Trust, respect, dialogue with the Client and the environment as well as appreciating individual initiative to the same extent as teamwork - are at the heart of our entrepreneur's identity. When we build we are aware of being an important participant in the process of urban space development and regional development. We always remember about expectations of future users and local communities.

Innovation culture

The future of the construction industry is inevitably connected with innovation and digitization. Our drive to be innovative is focussed on projects and Clients. It helps to improve efficiency, streamline work methods and services. It attracts and retains talented employees.  Only thanks to this can we respond to the growing expectations of Clients.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology allows us to build more efficiently. Thanks to BIM we create reliable cost breakdowns and analyses necessary for work programmes, health and safety planning or interdisciplinary coordination.  We also collect data needed for effective facility management - we provide Clients with as-built models to support Facility Management systems, i.e. BIM 7D. We have our own team who oversee the implementation of "Warbud BIM" standards and constantly look for new solutions and technologies such as a data exchange platform (CDE) or the use of virtual and augmented reality VR/AR.

Responsible for the environment

Climate change is a stimulus for us to develop our projects in terms of their environmental value. Therefore in our construction and operational activities we strive to meet the highest environmental standards regarding the protection of natural resources, energy consumption, waste management and biodiversity protection. We implement environmental management systems, 40% of our projects are implemented based on green BREEM and LEED certificates, also at the "excellent" and "outstanding" levels. We develop tools for environmental assessment which allow you to optimize the energy performance of buildings and reduce their environmental footprint.

Safety first

We work safely. In our company safety is placed on a par with business goals. Health and safety is taken into account as early as at the stage of tender bid preparation, selection of tools and technology of contract execution and of course during the implementation of a  development project. Warbud's goal is "zero accidents" both on its construction sites and in its business locations. This goal applies to Warbud employees as well as subcontractors and suppliers. To achieve it, we systematically organize safety trainings for all employees, we conduct Health and Safety Quarters, PRESTART and PRETASK meetings. We monitor near misses, implement safety systems and use personal protective equipment. Managers at all levels are involved in the implementation and monitoring of our health and safety policy. We are constantly building a safety culture and awareness among our employees and subcontractors.

Thank you for your trust

Customers trust us for all those commitments. The highest standard of our work is also confirmed by numerous awards including the "Highest Quality" emblem, a three-time gold statuette "Best Partner in Business", "Well Seen Company" and the laurel of "The One Who Changes Polish Industry".

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