We tirelessly promote public-private partnership (PPP) projects which are ideal for the construction of hospitals, nursing homes, school facilities or roads. We believe that this model is a panacea for local government units for thorough renovations, thermo-modernizations or implementation of new development projects, especially after using EU funding.

We have a specialized organizational unit in this field. We have experience in raising funds as well as extensive references in implementing PPP projects within the VINCI Group.

We are currently building a secondary school in Piastów. During the year we will build a three-storey school building with a library and a gym with a total area of approx. 4 500 m² with sports facilities. In the next year we will thoroughly renovate the existing secondary school building with an area of almost 2 000 m². We will connect the new building with the existing connector whose roof will be both a terrace and a place of rest for students. In addition to that, for 20 years after the completion of the project, we will ensure technical maintenance of all facilities.

We have also completed other PPP projects:

  • contract for thermo-modernization of educational facilities in the commune of Wiązowna. The company Siemens was our partner in that project. This is a "hybrid" project with three sources of funding - EU and public funds and private partner’s capital.

District Court in Nowy Sącz. We built it at an express pace in 20 months.  This project is the first project in Poland implemented in the PPP formula, where the Public Partner is an organizational unit of the State Treasury.

We have now entered the management and maintenance phase of the Nowy Sącz building. VINCI Facilities Polska, an experienced company in this field, is responsible for that phase. Warbud is its shareholder. Currently, it runs several dozen contracts all over Poland. We also offer facility management services to our Clients after the end of the contracts.

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