We also build:

  • water reservoirs
  • marinas
  • ·harbours
  • bridges
  • wharves
  • levees
  • ·weirs
  • water gates
  • levee culverts.

We have been gaining experience in that field since 2006 and we have completed several contracts in that area. The first contract of that type was the construction of the wharf and road infrastructure of Westerplatte Ferry Terminal. The contract covered the rebuilding of a 630 m long wharf, dredging of the bottom of the wharf, construction of floating abutments, construction of new roads and circulation and parking areas. The project increased the reloading capacities and improved the support of large ships.

Thanks to our water engineering projects, we provide protection against floods by reducing water flow irregularities. There are many more benefits.

See all our projects in the Projects tab.


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