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Agreement for Safety

Our company is one of the member of the "Agreement on Construction Safety" created in August 2010 by Poland's largest general contractors. Since 2016 Warbud has been presiding the Agreement in a 2-year term. The leader of the Agreement is Mr JERZY Werle, Warbud SA's Chairman.  The mission of the Agreement is to conduct activities aimed at the raising of the level of occupational safety culture on construction site and therefore to reduce the number of accidents and eliminate fatalities in the construction industry.

Priorities for the Agreement:

  • Qualified workforce
  • Health and safety trainings
  • Subcontractors
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety culture.

The Agreement reaches its goals by implementing joint OHS systemic projects.

The Agreement has proposed uniform standards with respect to drawing up safe work performance instructions. Another document is an obligatory Health and Safety Appendix to Subcontracts and an induction Health and Safety training for site operatives. On all the Members' construction sites we have implemented an obligation to wear safety goggles to protect employees' eyes. Thanks to the cooperation between the Agreement on Construction Safety with the Social Security Institution (ZUS) building contractors could take part in free-of-charge periodic OHS trainings for their workers.  

Members of the Agreement hold regular meetings of the Steering Committee of Chairmen, OHS and communication work groups. Members of the Agreement are fully transparent and opened to exchange of information and experience. The Agreement has introduced its internal accident reporting system (information on causes of fatal accidents, detailed analysis, conclusions and recommendations).

All Members of the Agreement understand that it is necessary to keep increasing the safety culture and the awareness of the risks connected with work on a constructions site. Four years ago the Agreement launched their common initiative named "Safety Week".

This is a real holiday of safe work for operatives of general contractors, company managers including board members as well as for subcontractors and suppliers. In 2017 we organized the Safety Week for the fourth time. There were more than 30 thousand participants present at 300 units or construction sites run by the Agreement members.  

The Agreement kindly welcomes prospective new members. Now there are 12 companies within its structure, such as: Budimex, Erbud, Hochtief Polska, Karmar, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota Engil, Polimex Mostostal, Porr Polska Infrastructure, Skanska, Strabag, Unibep and Warbud. Recent years have shown that it is possible to effectively work for improvement of safety levels on construction sites and at the same time compete for construction projects in tenders.

The operation of the Agreement is supported by the State Labour Inspection PIP, Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians PZIiTB, Polish Association of Construction Employers, Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers and 'Budowlani' Trade Union .


More about the Agreement here

To download the document Agreement for Safety Leaflet - click here.



The second year of work of the Agreement for Safety in Construction has just ended. The Agreement was set up by Poland’s eight largest building contractors - Warbud, Bilfinger Infrastructure, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Mostostal Warszawa, Polimex Mostostal, Skanska and Mota-Engil. The main purpose of the Agreement is an improvement of the safety level on Polish construction sites. Let us summarize its achievements.

The Agreement for Safety in Construction was joined by another building contractor – the company Mota-Engil. Therefore the number of signatories has grown to eight. The Agreement, which is aiming at an elimination of accidents from construction sites, is currently made of Bilfinger Infrastructure, Budimex, Hochtief, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota-Engil, Polimex-Mostostal, Skanska and Warbud.

At the address a website was launched on August 14 for the Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry. It is addressed to construction companies and persons dealing on every day basis with occupational health and safety issues, to journalists interested in them and for all persons who want to broaden their knowledge in that field.

Chairmen of the companies – signatories of the ‘Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry’ signed on May 25 a document entitled ‘Requirements for safety and health at work'.The document describes the expectations of General contractors for subcontracting companies with respect to their compliance with safety requirements.

Chairmen of companies - the signatories of the ‘Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry’ met in February in order to determine key areas of our further activities aimed at increasing occupational safety levels on our construction sites as well as rules for cooperation in this regard. Our common goal is ‘zero accidents’ on Polish construction sites.

On October 20, 2011 in Warsaw, an important meeting of seven building contractors was held - parties to the Agreement for Safety in Construction signed in August the previous year.




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