Key Values

Safety at work

"People first (...)" - this motto is the basis for actions taken by all the Vinci Group companies to ensure safety at work.

The motto is the basis for our "Accident and Hazard Prevention Policy". It applies to every employee and every Vinci Group company, regardless of the post held and place in the company structure.

Why is the principle "People first" so important for us?

People are the company’s greatest asset and capital. It is they on whom the firm’s strength and results are based. For that reason it is of the utmost importance for us to ensure the highest standards of safety at work for all of our staff.

This feeling of security also has other advantages, e.g.:

  • it enables the quality of work to be improved;
  • it enables protection of employees’ experience and skills and the technology used;
  • it is an important element of employee satisfaction, acting as a motivating factor;
  • it facilitates the introduction of changes and innovative actions;
  • it allows regular and potential customers to better assess the quality of our work.

To make our workplace even safer, every Warbud employee is obliged to observe the following five SAFETY RULES:

1. Preparation

Identify potential hazards. Do this even at the design stage - you will be able to keep them under control. The right person should be at the right place with the right tools at the right time.

2. Explanation

Explain the safety rules and define the duties of every employee. Check that each of them understands the possible dangers. Provide staff with equipment to enable the dangers to be reduced. Encourage staff to discuss problems as they arise.

3. Respect

Respect the equipment. Both the equipment you use yourself and which you share with others. Respect the procedures aimd at preventing danger. Respect the safety of yourself and others.

4. Analysis

Keep your eyes open. Proceed every day according to constant principles: observe, analyse, listen, make use of the opinions of others, give notice of danger. Good communication with others is the first step towards safety.

5. Improvement

Set new targets. Use your imagination and submit proposals. Take necessary action and encourage others to put forward initiatives to enable better use to be made of equipment and resources.

WARBUD SA is a safe company

Warbud has been repeatedly awarded in the "Safe Construction Site" and "Build Safely" competitions for its compliance with health and safety regulations as well as for safe execution of construction works throughout the country.

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