Key Values

Business ethics

Warbud SA: a company with principles

Warbud SA, like all other VINCI Group companies, defines in detail all aspects of its activity. For this purpose it has established procedures and guidelines for its managment personnel. These procedures are implemented at VINCI Group level, are universal and apply to all of the companies without exception.


VINCI Code of Ethics and Conduct. The VINCI Group has been growing based on strong values which shape our culture and which guide us in our activities. For most of us, these values are obvious and we express them verbally. However, within the Group which is joined by thousands of new employees every year, it is important that those rules are explained and described.

VINCI Anti-Corruption Code. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to clarify the principles contained in our Code of Ethics and Conduct relating to the fight against various forms of corruption.

Rules and procedures. One of the main aims of our policy is to develop universal principles and rules relating to these issues. In the future they will encompass all elements of the production and building process. The vast majority of the procedures have already been introduced, and all employees are required to adhere to them at all time. We have defined ranges of responsibility for specific employees, and a reporting hierarchy. Consultative units have been set up, and disciplinary procedures are applied based on the zero tolerance principle.

Internal control. In Warbud, as in the VINCI Group’s 192 other companies, there exist rigorous internal control procedures, providing oversight over company activity, financial management and risk evaluation. These procedures are based on detailed assessment questionnaires, adapted to suit the actual profile of activity of each of the Group’s companies.

Audits and safety inspections.
The company also applies rigorous health and safety procedures, and audits and inspections are regularly carried out. Inspection reports are sent to the directors responsible for projects. In cases of deviation from the established safety systems, preventive and disciplinary procedures are initiated. Detailed information about these is sent to the company’s Management Board.

The use of procedures tested by the VINCI Group is one of the factors which contribute to the strengthening of Warbud's position on the market as a reliable business partner.

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