Key Values

The environment

The future of the Earth is in our hands too …

Environmental protection is one of Warbud’s main concerns. In 2004, as a member of the VINCI Group, we began implementation of the international "Sustainable Development" programme. This is a kind of code of conduct for the modern business. It also sets out missions relating to behaviour which can benefit society, citizens and the environment. Its main aim is to leave our planet in the best possible condition, for future generations. Thanks to the principles and specific actions which we implement, we hope that our contribution will not remain unnoticed and will help to improve our environment.

Eco-principles = Eco-action

Since we feel responsible for the environment in which we operate, we aim to minimize our impact on that environment by implementing the following "Eco-principles".

Principle 1. Environmental education

We systematically inform and educate our employees about the importance of acting in accordance with our environmental policy. We undertake a number of initiatives aimed at promoting attitudes of greater environmental responsibility. We take part in national and local campaigns aimed at encouraging action to protect the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Principle 2. Technological progress

We introduce innovative technical solutions and monitor and analyse technological processes aimed at reducing our impact on the natural environment. We also take an active part in the implementation of programmes to protect the natural environment, which will lead to better spatial development, including action to reclaim disused land.

Principle 3. Efficient use of resources

One of our main environmental goals is to make efficient use of available resources: energy, water and other raw materials. Another equally important aim is to keep reducing the amount of waste produced and to recycle as much of it as possible. We work with energy-efficient technologies and machinery.

Principle 4. Cooperation with local communities

Wherever Warbud starts building works, we undertake close cooperation with local communities and their representatives. We want to minimize any interference with the local natural environment.

Principle 5. Predictability

Even at the building design stage we aim to foresee the possible impact of our actions on the natural environment. We also aim at minimizing an nevative consequiences of those actions. This applies both to simple issues such as the proper disposal of waste, and to more complex problems such as preventing pollution of groundwater, the air and surrounding green areas.

Principle 6. Legality

Taking government requirements and national environmental policy as a foundation for what we do, we constantly monitor legislative changes. If there are any changes, we bring our procedures and internal regulations into line with such changes without delay.

Principle 7. Environmental partnership

We aim to work with such partners (technology suppliers and subcontractors) who share and implement environmental values similar to ours.

Warbud SA and its environmental developments in Poland

Since 2004 we have carried out many advanced technology projects in the field of environmental engineering. We are particularly interested in waste water treatment plants, water treatment stations and solid waste treatment plants, including plants for thermal recycling of sewage sludge and solid waste.

Warbud SA’s environmental engineering projects in Poland:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant in Gilwa Mała near Kwidzyn
  • Waste water treatment station for the AVON plant in Garwolin
  • Extension of the Collective Waste Water Treatment Plant for the city of Lodz
  • Extension of the waste water treatment plant for Stare Babice district in the suburbs of Warsaw
  • Modernization of the Radocha II waste water treatment plant in Sosnowiec
  • Building of a sludge drying station at Hajdow waste water treatment plant in Lublin
  • Building of a water treatment station for the town of Stalowa Wola
  • Extension of Czajka Waste Water Treatment Plant in Warsaw and construction of sludge incineration plant in the same area
  • Extension of the waste water treatment plant in Siedlce


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