Business Achievements

  • Top Quality QI 2023

    Top Quality QI 2023

    The final gala of the Top Quality QI 2023 Program took place on December 1, 2023 in Krynica Zdrój. Warbud was among the winners and was honoured in the Management System category. The award was collected by Mr. Witold Lipka-Auguścik, Representative of Chairman of the Management Board for Integrated Management System.

    ‘The jury distinguished our company by awarding it the Golden Emblem for the seventh time in the top quality management category, thus distinguishing our exceptional care of the quality of the services offered and the implemented management standards. This is the result of work of many people and the teamwork of the entire Warbud staff,’ commented W. Lipka-Auguścik.

  • European PPP Leader 2023

    European PPP Leader 2023

    On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the PPP Act in Poland, during the Forum of PPP Leaders, Warbud’s award and title of European PPP Leader for the implementation of the Aquapark in Płock were collected by Mariusz Ruszowski, Deputy Director of the Public Procurement Department. The award for the Client, Mayor of the City of Płock - Andrzej Nowakowski, was collected by Deputy Mayor Artur Zieliński. ‘This is a beautiful culmination of the work of the entire construction team in Płock. I want to thank them for their commitment, valuable comments during construction and for the time devoted to that project,’ said Mariusz Ruszowski. ‘This is a confirmation not only of the engineering competence and operational efficiency, but also of the accuracy of the direction chosen for project execution. Undoubtedly, the Aquapark in Płock is an example of the effectiveness of the PPP model and at the same time another step on the way to the evolution of this formula in Poland. I think that the possibility of optimal modelling and implementation of the facility with the idea of sustainable energy in mind and respect for the interests of both parties is of great importance here.

  • Personality of the Year in the Construction Sector

    Personality of the Year in the Construction Sector

    During the "Diamonds, Infrastructure and Construction" gala, being the culmination of the conference, the Competition jury honoured Mr. Nicolas Dépret - President of the Management Board of Warbud SA and Eurovia Polska, with the title "Personality of the Year in the Construction Sector". This is a special distinction awarded to industry leaders in recognition of proficiency in business practices, above-average quality of company management and decision-making skills contributing to the growth of revenue and the value of the managed company. ‘Thank you very much for this distinction. I don’t really know if personal accolades matter in our industry. It is basically teamwork and I should have 2,500 people here with me,’ said N. Dépret, accepting the statuette from Mr. Jan Styliński, President of the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers.

  • Top Quality QI 2022

    Top Quality QI 2022

    On November 22 in Vienna House Easy Hotel in Katowice, European Business Forum took place. The jury honoured Warbud SA by awarding to our company the title of the Laureate and the Emblem in the QI Services category - Top Quality Services. Thus the jury emphasized such issues as high quality of services confirmed by research conducted by competent institutions, the state of implementation of management systems, modernity of applied solutions, organization of the system and transparency of information.
    The award was collected by Mr. Witold Lipka-Auguścik, Representative of President of the Management Board for Integrated Management System at Warbud SA.

  • Green Industry Diamonds competition

    Green Industry Diamonds competition

    On 6 October 2022, 9th edition of the "Green Industry Summit" conference took place in Warsaw. The main point of the conference was the "Green Industry Diamonds" gala, during which Warbud was awarded in the category Industrial Construction Leader as an entity responsible for the implementation of detailed designs, construction and assembly works in accordance with requirements of green certificates and top environmental standards. The statuette was collected by Nicolas Dépret, President of Warbud SA’s Management Board. Mr. Dépret emphasized the importance of environmental goals in the strategy of Warbud and the VINCI Group.

  • QI Golden Pearl

    QI Golden Pearl

    Chapter of the Top Quality Program of Quality International 2021 highly appreciated Warbud’s Integrated Management System and awarded company activities related to the implementation and promotion of the idea of quality of our services. In this year's 15th edition of the Program we received the Laureate title and the Golden Emblem in the category QI ORDER and a special mention QI Golden Pearl. We are among entities representing the highest standards, guaranteeing their clients the highest level of service.
    The QI Top Quality program is addressed to companies and institutions operating in Poland which are distinguished by a clear quality policy. The patrons of the program are Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Department of Process Management at the University of Economics in Krakow, Polish Committee for Standardization.

  • Client Laurel 2020

    Client Laurel 2020

    Warbud was awarded the 2020 Golden Client Laurel in the category Quality and innovation in the construction industry - construction companies, receiving 26% of the 1,633 votes cast.

    The basis for the assessment in the competition are opinions of the respondents collected in a multi-stage survey. Thanks to telephone calls and polls posted in popular industry and thematic portals, consumers choose brands, products and services which, from their perspective, stand out most on the Polish market and are worth recommending. This year's edition was the 16th in a row.

    The goal of this nationwide competition is to select the most recognizable, innovative and quality brands, products and services in a given year.

  • Polish Quality Award 2019

    Polish Quality Award 2019

    Only nine winners from all over Poland were chosen in the competition entitled "Outstanding Management Systems Representative." One of them was Mr. Witold Lipka-Auguścik, Representative of the President of the Management Board for IMS at Warbud SA. In addition, Mr. Lipka-Auguścik was honoured with an occasional medal 'For merits for quality' issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence.

    The award was granted to people who have been promoting the idea of quality in business management for years.

    The awards were presented during the final gala which took place on November 26 at the seat of Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. At the same time the 2nd National Conference of the Polish Quality Award was held on that day entitled "Polish quality on the 100th anniversary of regaining independence".

  • Quality Certification Centre 2019

    Quality Certification Centre 2019

    In the period from September 24 to 27, 2019, Quality Certification Centre organised 15th Conference on 'Standardization, quality and codification in the aspect of integration with NATO and the European Union' - QUALITY - PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS under the honorary patronage of Rector - Commander of the Military Technical Academy, brigade general Tadeusz SZCZUREK, PhD, Eng., professor at Military Technical Academy.

    On the first day of the event, awards and distinctions were presented during a gala. Warbud was recognized for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving integrated management systems. The award on behalf of Warbud was received by Mr Witold Lipka-Auguścik, Representative of the President of the Management Board for Management System who also gave a lecture on risk management in the construction process.

    ‘I am pleased that Warbud has once again been recognised by the Quality Certification Centre and was awarded for its activities related to the integrated management system,’  said Mr. Witold Lipka-Auguścik receiving the statuette.

  • Top Quality QI Order 2018

    Top Quality QI Order 2018

    On October 26, 2018, the Monopol Hotel in Katowice was the venue for the 5th European Forum for Quality and Innovation 2018. The intention of the organizers is to enable its participants to exchange ideas and opinions, learn about the latest trends and solutions that facilitate their everyday business operations in Poland and other European countries in various areas, among others in relation to management standards, certification, financing of innovative projects, applicable regulations as well as postulated regulatory changes that are conducive to the development, growth, competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises.

    The event was crowned by a gala of the Top Quality International Program combined with the award of QI 2018 prizes in the following categories: QI Product, QI Services and QI Order.

    The jury honoured Warbud SA and awarded the title of Laureate and Emblem in the category QI Order – Top Quality Management emphasizing such aspects as high quality of services confirmed by research performed by competent institutions, the state of implementation of management systems, modern solutions, system organization and information transparency.

    The award was received by Ms Monika Cegłowska from the Integrated Management System Department at Warbud SA.

  • Public Tender Crystals for Nowy Sącz District Court building

    On October 15, 2018 in Jachranka near Warsaw, an awards gala was held in the 10th edition of the Public Tender Crystals 2018 competition. The jury appreciated Warbud for the comprehensive process of designing, building, financing and maintaining the new seat of the District Court in the public-private partnership formula. The award was collected on behalf of Warbud by Mr Pawel Żółtak, Contract Director at DBS.

    Public Tender Crystals are prestigious awards the aim of which is to promote and disseminate the best rules and practices in the field of public procurement. Awards are received by both investors and contractors. Investors are rewarded for conducting procurement procedures in a transparent manner and not violating the rules of fair competition, leading to the selection of the most competitive offer. Contractors receive awards for execution of projects in accordance with the highest standards and respect for public money.

  • Orzeł Wprost award

    Orzeł Wprost award

    Eagles of the ‘Wprost' weekly, awards for regional and business leaders were given on May 16 at a gala at the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw.
    The ‘Wprost' award given to most dynamic enterprises was received by over forty companies from the Mazovia Province. We are pleased to announce that Warbud was also among them. Warbud's award was collected by Mr. Piotr Mika, Board Member.
    The partner of the ‘Wprost' weekly for the drawing up of the list of candidates is the Bisnode business intelligence agency. They take into account a company's results for the last three years, i.e. its revenues, profit and profitability. In addition to that Bisnode analyse the current condition of the companies and check whether they are not on the list of unreliable payers.

  • The one who changes Polish industry A.D. 2016

    The one who changes Polish industry A.D. 2016

    Warbud was distinguished for its reliability and activity in industrial construction. The company is stable, reliable and trusted by the market and partners. It is a construction company with a diversified business profile, active in Polish cities and effectively cooperating with administration bodies of all levels. It is a tireless promotor of public-private partnership projects. Editors of Nowy Przemysł Economy Magazine and portal have awarded for the seventeenth time honorary titles named 'The one who changes Polish industry'. The distinction is given to firms and persons who have had a positive impact on the changes in Polish industry and the whole economy. The gala took place on 6 February 2017 in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw.

  • Top Quality QI 2014

    Top Quality QI 2014

    On October 6, 2014 the hotel Sofitel Victoria in Warsaw was Poland's business centre. It wast the venue of the Polish Quality and Innovation Forum and the Awards Gala in the QI Top Quality Program. The jury of the Program distinguished Warbud S.A. and awarded it with a Laureate title in the Category QI Services top quality construction and upgrading of general engineering, civil engineering and environmental structures. Warbud's award was received by Mr. Jerzy Werle, Deputy Chairman. The Gala was also attended by Mr. Witold Lipka-Auguścik, Chairman's Representative for the Integrated Management System. The jurors awarded our firm for its actions connected with the implementation and promotion of quality approach in all aspects of our operations, in particular in the field of services offered by Warbud S.A. The event was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Ministry of Economy, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Club Polish ISO 9000 Forum and the honorary auspices of Mayor of Warsaw.

  • PPRP Honorary Statuette 2010

    PPRP Honorary Statuette 2010

    Wlodzimierz Wlodarczyk, Warbud’s president and founder, received a statuette of honour of the Enterprise Development Promotion Program, at a gala ending the 4th Economic Forum - Mazowsze Development Perspectives 2010. The PPRP jury appreciated the results of over 20 years of Mr. Wlodarczyk’s work, turned his company originally employing 10 persons into a firm which is now one of the largest constructions firms in Poland. Today Warbud employs more than 1000 persons.

  • Leader of Enterprise Development Promotion Programme 2009

    Leader of Enterprise Development Promotion Programme 2009

    During the 3rd Economic Forum "Mazowsze - Development Perspectives", Warbud received the Leader title and statuette. The main idea of the Economic Forum is to prepare the elites of the Mazovian economy to create the best possible conditions for the present and future investment projects in the area of Warsaw and the Mazovia region. Awards are given to the people, companies and public institutions who particularly contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

  • Giants of Polish Economy

    The ranking published in the monthly Home & Market presents the largest manufacturing and service companies in Poland. Warbud was ranked

    • 56. in 2008 and
    • 71. in 2007.


  • Best Partner in Business 2008

    Best Partner in Business 2008

    Warbud was honored for the third time with the title and statuette of the Best Partner in Business 2008 in the category of building contractors. The firm was awarded the title also in 2005 and 2007. Winners of each category were selected based on opinions of the companies operating in certain industries. The ranking, drawn up for more than 8 years by the "Home&Market" monthly, aims at promoting companies with best services and products for the Polish business.

  • List of Largest Companies in Central and Eastern Europe

    Warbud was ranked 465th in the List of Largest Companies in Eastern and Central Europe . The ranking was drawn up by the consulting firm Deloitte based on financial data collected among others in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Hungary and the Ukraine. The main assesment criterion was the sales revenue for 2007. Net profit and employment figures were also analysed. The ranking is dominated by Polish companies, among 500 companies from 18 countries there were 176 Polish firms. The list was published on 11 September 2008 in "Rzeczpospolita" daily.

  • Golden 500 Largest Trade and Service Companies

  • 100 Most Valuable Polish Firms according to Newsweek

    Warbud was ranked 84th in the list of 100 most valuable Polish firms in the 5th edition of the ranking drawn up by the weekly "Newsweek Polska." The ranking was prepared in cooperation with A.T. Kearney - a global strategic advisory services company. The analysis encompassed companies standing out in terms of revenue, profit or are regarded by the Poles as important and valuable brands. The ranking is based on strategic and financial information about the companies which served as input for the calculation of company value with the use of the discounted cash flows method. According to that method the factor deciding about the value of a company is its ability to generate cash in the future.

  • Locomotives of the Polish Economy 2007

    In the ranking published by Home & Market monthly the companies which took top positions because of the dynamics of their revenue, were named lovomotives of the Polish economy. Warbud took a high 46th place in terms of revenues among 300 largest Polish firms.

  • Best Partner in Business 2007

    Best Partner in Business 2007

    Gold statuette and the title of Best Partner in Business in 2007 in the building contractor category. The editors of the Home and Market business monthly has for 7 years been awarding companies which achieve best opinions in the market and also treated by the business society as reliable and trusted partners worth recommending. Companies winning the prizes, as well as their products and services which were proposed for this year's editions of the ranking were chosen on the basis of market observations carried out by the editors of the monthly as well as on opinions of business persons.

  • Best Managers 2006

    The title of Best Manager in the largest construction company category and the membership in the General Meeting of Managers of the Polish Economy was awarded to Mr Wlodzimierz Wlodarczyk, Warbud SA’s CEO. The editors of Home & Market monthly have for the 11th time presented an elite list of personalities who achieve success through their consistency in pursuing their goals, high management skills and ability to make use of economic changes and their achievements from last year are especially worth presentation. 

  • Best Partner in Business 2005

    Best Partner in Business 2005

    Gold statuette and first place in the ranking list drawn up by Home & Market in conjunction with the Business and Economic Analysis Institute in Warsaw, based on the opinions of the firms we do business with.

  • Business Gazelles 2000

    Warbud became a member of the elite Business Gazelles Club - a group of fastest growing companies with outstanding reputation who treat their counterparties with care and honesty.

  • Polish Business Leaders 1999

    Polish Business Leaders 1999

    The Jury awarded the Golden Statuette and the Grand Prize to Warbud. The aim of the competition, which is organized since 1991 by the Business Centre Club, is to highlight and reward those companies and their bosses who achieve best economic results, present high level of project quality, offer modern products, care for the natural environmental and make outstanding contribution to the economic development of the country in compliance with business ethics and supporting at the same time community organizations and charities.

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