• Warbud Foundation awarded for its activities for the benefit of abused and harmed children

    Warbud Foundation awarded for its activities for the benefit of abused and harmed children

    On May 25, 2023, the Foundation Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę (We Give Strength to Children) celebrated its 32nd anniversary. The event was an opportunity to summarize the activities of the association and to meet the people for whom and with whom the Foundation cooperates - representatives of companies and organizations, among which there were representatives Warbud’s Foundation - Warto Pomagać.
    ‘We thank you very much for this distinction. It is an honour for us to be able to cooperate with the Foundation Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę. The motto that has been guiding the Warbud Foundation for 15 years - 'It's worth helping', should actually read in the context of your activities as 'You have to help'. This is because all the projects you undertake in order to save traumatized children experiencing physical and psychological violence are valuable, wise and, as you can see from the recent media reports - still so much needed. I wish all DDDS employees and volunteers much perseverance, strength and energy, and so that in the future you will be able to implement projects which will educate people how to raise children in love and respect,’ said Agnieszka Wąsowska, Member of Warbud Foundation’s Management Board, receiving the award from Monika Sajkowska, President of FDDS.

  • FORBES ranking

    FORBES ranking

    According to the "List of 300 Best Polish Employers" published by Forbes, Warbud was ranked 75th in the general classification ahead of many well-known and respected brands. In the "Construction" category (including general contractors and producers of building materials), Warbud took 4th place. Considering only general contractors - the company was ranked 3rd, right after Budimex and Unibep.
    The question "Who is the best employer in Poland?" was sent to over 10,000 professionally active employees who issued 160 thousand individual assessments. In an anonymous survey, they assessed their employers which allowed the assessors to examine the actual quality of the jobs offered and not the employer branding campaigns carried out. Companies were not able to influence the ratings obtained in the ranking. It was also not possible to declare participation by ordering a paid audit service. This guaranteed complete independence of the survey results.

  • Reliable Employer 2016

    Reliable Employer 2016

    It is a prestigious award confirming the clarity and reliability of company operation in terms of its employment policies, worker benefits and human resources management. Warbud has received it for the third time. During the official gala which took place on April 6 in Wieliczka Salt Mine, Ms Edyta Rytel from Warbud's Human Resources Department received an award certificate from the Jury. 'We would not have entered such a renowned group of winners without the hard work of all those people who build not only buildings but also their teams following for 25 years the idea expressed in our slogan It is worth building. We build the image of our firm together and we are very ambitious,' said Ms Rytel thanking the Jurors for their assessment of Warbud's HR policies.


  • Warsaw Development Project Without Barriers 2016

    Warsaw Development Project Without Barriers 2016

    On 19 November 2016 awards were given to winners of the competition named 'Warsaw development project without barriers 2016'. Warbud was honoured for its model approach to the needs of the disabled and for the promotion of universal designing in the construction of the buildings for the Faculties of Applied Linguistics and Modern Languages of Warsaw University. The award was received on behalf of Warbud by Ms Edyta Pazderska, Project Manager in the company's Region Centre division who was responsible for the construction of the building. Prizes were given during the 21st Grand Integration Gala organized in Warsaw on the International Day of the Disabled. The honorary patron of the event was President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Among the guests there were Ms Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, Ms Grażyna Wereszczyńska, Director of Dialogue and Citizen Initiatives Office in the Chancellery of the President of Poland, Mr Rober Kwiatkowski, Chairman of the Polish Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities PFRON, and Mr Ignacy Góra - Chairman of Railway Transport Office UTK.


  • Reliable Employer 2014

    Reliable Employer 2014

    Warbud has been awarded with the title 'Reliable Employer of the Year 2014'. The jury has considered a number of factors influencing working conditions. The criteria verified in the analysis include among others the observance of health and safety regulations, making timely payments, social services, internal and external opinions about the company, dynamics of employment growth and supporting employees' personal development.
    The awards gala was held on 12 February 2015 in 'Wieliczka' salt mine. Warbud was represented by Ms. Edyta Rytel from the firm's Human Resources Department.


  • Investor in Human Capital 2013

    Investor in Human Capital 2013

    Warbud has for the second time been awarded with the prestigious emblem 'Investor in Human Capital'. It is awarded to companies being leaders in the field of personnel policies.
    A condition to obtain the award is the participation in the nationwide Certification Program run by the Management Observatory Foundation. The multistage examination encompassed an analysis of data regarding the company personnel policy, various aspects of company development and organisational structure, the applied practices, procedures, tools as well as surveys carried out among its employees.


  • 2nd National Rescue Team Competition

    2nd National Rescue Team Competition

    Warbud team took second place in the 2nd National Rescue Team Competition. Our team composed of Marek Cuber (captain), Agnieszka Jabłońska, Krzysztof Pruszyński, Sebastian Lewiński and Grzegorz Pasztaleniec earned 216 out of 222 available points.
    The Competition in which participated 6 teams took place in the Mazury region on 28-30 September 2012. The tasks covered the following categories: sudden cardiac arrests, accidents in water, on-site procedures in case of an accident involving multiple victims, thermal and chemical burns and fire extinguishing.

  • The 7th T4B Cup 2012 Sailing Race

    Warbud Sailing team came 2nd in the T4B Cup 2012 race and 1st in the match racing competition. The races took place from May 31 to June 3, 2012 in Górki Zachodnie near Gdańsk in the area of the National Sailing Centre.

  • Forsail Business Club 2011 Sailing Race

    On July 1-3, on the Lake Niegocin in the Mazury Region, Forsail Business Club Sailing Races took place. The Warbud team made of Dariusz Kostrzewa - Captain, Jerzy Werle, Małgorzata Durlik, Beata Damięcka and Piotr Kopeć, came in second. The crews represented varioud market sectors such as construction, heating, financial and power companies.

  • Infrastruktura 2009 Fairs

    Infrastruktura 2009 Fairs

    The fairs in Warsaw are accompanied by a contest for the Minister of Infrastructure Award. On 15 October 2009, during a special ceremony, statuettes were awarded to the winners. Our received a prize in the category of infrastructural projects for the construction of Stage 3 of the Kwiatkowskiego Road in Gdynia.

  • Environmental Protection Action

    Environmental Protection Action

    Warbud company has received a certificate for its participation in the environmental protection action "Plastic foil disappears from building sites" The action was an intitiative of the company Xella Polska Sp. z o.o. acting in collaboration with land Sp. Ltd. in collaboration with Interseroh Recovery Organization. Under the project, each could declare a return of unnecessary plastic packaging. Plastic foil in which Xella products and other building products were packaged, was collected free of charge from construction sites . The condition was a selective collection of plastic packaging, which were then sent for recycling. The action lasted from January to June and was the first initiative of this in Poland proposed by a building materials producer.

  • 12th WPG SA Sailing Race 2009

    12th WPG SA Sailing Race 2009

    The 12th WPG SA Sailing Race took place on 19-20 June 1009 on the Zegrzyński Reservoir. Seventy one teams from Poland and abroad participated in the event. Warbud’s crew, composed of Dariusz Kostrzewa, Dorota Mrzygłód and Grzegorz Strzelczyk took 10th place. VINCI crew was made of Piotr Kopec, Tomasz Mołdysz and Kamil Sałamacha and took 12th place. VINCI Yacht Team won the prize funded by the Main State Surveyor for the best foreing company crew.

    The Sailing Race organized by Warszawskie Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjne has a long tradition and is a meeting place for people from local authorities, public services, as well as large construction companies from the Mazowsze region.

  • 4th Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies Nassau Construction On Sail

    4th Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies Nassau Construction On Sail

    Warbud’s crew, composed of Dariusz Kostrzewa - captain, Dorota Mrzygłód and Grzegorz Strzelczyk won the first prize and a gold cup in the overall classification. The race consisted of eight short stages across the Niegocin and Kisajno lakes. The sailing race organized on 15-17 May was completed by 13 crews.

  • Dr. Henryk Jordan Medal

    Dr. Henryk Jordan Medal

    On 20 October 2008, in the Congress Hall in Warsaw, Dr Henryk Jordan Medals were awarded. This distinction was established in 1974 by the Children’s Friends Society. In gratitude for his long-term assistance and cooperation, the chapter awarded the medal to the Warbud’s CEO, Mr Włodzimierz Włodarczyk, appreciating his merits in the field of recreation and sport promotion among children and the youth, among others in organizing leisure activities during holidays.

  • Second Polish Championships of Cabin Yachts

    Second Polish Championships of Cabin Yachts

    Warbud SA crew won 2nd place and silver cup in the overall classification. The championships, organized for construction companies and developers, took place on 4-5 October 2008.

  • 3rd Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies

    3rd Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies

    Warbud’s crew, with its helmsman Dariusz Kostrzewa, took 5th place in the overall classification of the 3rd Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies Nassau Sopro Construction On Sail. On 16-18 May 2008, in Wilkasy near Giżycko, more than 25 crews struggled competing in the Omega-class boats. Honorary Patronage of the event was taken by the Polish Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Construction and the Polish Sports Infrastructure Club. Media patronage was taken by the Builder and SportPlus magazines.

  • 2nd Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies

    2nd Polish Sailing Championships of Construction and Development Companies

    2nd place in the race and silver cup was won by Warbud SA crew. The sailing race took place on 18-20 May 2007 in the Mazury region in the vicinity of Giżycko. The race, in which raced 40 Omega-class boats, was organized by the Polish Yachting Association and the company Regató The patronage of the event was taken by the Polish Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Construction, and media patronage was taken by the Builder and SportPlus magazines.

  • Ambassador of France Cup

    Ambassador of France Cup

    Warbud SA football team took 2nd place in the Ambassador of France Cup tournament. 28 teams qualified this sport event, which was organized for the fourth time. The event, which took place on 10 March 2007, was chaired by HE Pierre Ménat, Ambassador of France in Poland. Sports patronage was taken by Dariusz Kubicki and Michał Listkiewicz.

  • Sports Partner 2006

    Sports Partner 2006

    Warbud SA was among the companies which received the honorable title and statuette of Sports Partner in the year 2006. Mayor of Gdynia, Mr Wojciech Szczurek, awarded us with a prize for promoting the development of physical culture and the City of Gdynia through sport in 2006. The awards ceremony took place on 4 January 2007 in Musical Theatre in Gdynia.

  • T4B Cup 2006 Sailing Race

    T4B Cup 2006 Sailing Race

    Warbud SA took 1st place in the sailing race organized on the picturesque waters of the Adriatic coast of Croatia in the period 17-22 September 2006. The event was addressed to several largest construction companies. It was aimed not only to provide good fun and sports rivalry, but also to raised funds for charities. The first prize, amounting to 10 thousand dollars, was handed over to the “Krwinka” foundation which supports children suffering from leukemia and cancer.

  • Profile Trowel with the Bronze Ball

    Profile Trowel with the Bronze Ball

    The team reresenting Warbud SA during the 1st Nationwide Construction Firms Cup, qualified for the semifinals and won the Profile Trowel with the Bronze Ball. The event, under the patronage of Minister of Construction and Minister of Transport, took place on 20-22 October 2006 in Kielce.

  • Polish Sailing Championships 2006

    Polish Sailing Championships 2006

    Second place and silver cup in the Polish sailing championships for construction and development firms (the SailBud Cup) in Gizycko. The competition, run by Kalejdoskop Budowlany, took place on 12–14 May 2006 on the waters of Niegocin lake.

  • Radio Praga Award 2002

    Radio Praga Award 2002

    We received a "Friend of Radio Warsaw Praga" statuette from the General Committee on the tenth anniversary of the station’s launch. The station gave this award to Warbud for our active contribution to changing the image of the part of Warsaw east of the Vistula, by means of social, charity and business initiatives.

  • Prize of the Association of Siberian Deportees 2002

    In recognition and thanks for the restoration of an apartment block in Pawły near Bialystok, the Association awarded Warbud an Honorary Siberian Medal. Thanks to our organizational help, six Polish families were able to return to their homeland after 60 years’ exile in Kazakhstan.

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